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Alan Jackson Tbird

Famous Country Singer, Alan Jackson’s Tbird Gift to his 4 sisters!

the Thunderbird Gift

The Famous Country Singer, Alan Jackson, gives away 4 Tbirds!

Everyone needs a sense of identity. The Tbird is just one of those items that does just that. It solidifies your unique individuality and patriotic pride, in that it is an American-crafted symbol of design, style, engineering, and performance. Some people use the Tbird to showcase their individuality and independence, including some of the most famous, iconic, American actors, actresses, musicians, and even presidents of the United States.

Do you know who Alan Jackson is?! We’ll let me refresh your memory; he has done over 40 country albums and was one of the biggest country singers throughout the 90’s… and, to boot, he is crazy about Tbirds! The 1955 Tbird was his first car, and to make it even more special, it was the car that he took, his wife- to-be, on their first date. His wife even restored a Tbird (of the same year) for him on one of their anniversaries, and I have featured those photos below, for you to see.

This is such a random story that just fell into my lap. It all started with a few email correspondence from Alan Jackson’s sister, Cathy. Cathy emailed me and told me that she liked the story that I did about Nancy Nead giving a gift of a new Tbird to her husband Dennis. (It was the story I did for the New Years edition of our newsletter, remember, she also did that song list that we currently give away for free on CD!)

Anyhow, Cathy said, hey, Aaron, I have a really great story too! Here is her email to me below:

Hi, Aaron,
On Christmas Day, 2002, just after the new Tbirds came out, my very famous brother, Alan Jackson, bought 4 Tbirds in Nashville, TN, and secretly brought them down to Newnan, GA. His intentions were to surprise his 4 sisters with a Tbird for each one. He had them parked in my mom’s backyard with big red bows. After lunch, we put the tops down (it was 60 degrees that day) and lined up all four of the new Tbirds and drove them all over town in a caravan. Mine is red; the others are white, yellow, and blue. I have some great photos from that day. We all purchased special tags for the cars based on the name of the album he had out at the time–that famous song “Drive” about my dad teaching him to drive. My older sister is Drive, I’m Drive 2, my twin is Drive 3, and younger sister is Drive 4.

Hi Cathy,
You have to be kidding! Wow, that is an amazing story. It’s so very unique and exciting.
I would love to see the photos!
Talk soon,

Here are some of the better photos. This one is with me, my red bird, and Alan behind me.

alan jackson with sister cathy

All four Tbirds on the day we got them.

tbirds lined up

Here’s a great photo of Alan and his wife when they were young and dating, sitting in the Tbird below;

alan jacksons first tbird

Here is Alan and his wife at a parade cruizin his current 55 Tbird.

55 tbird

Here is Alan’s 55 Tbird today — it was his first car he wrote about that his wife found again for him, and then had it restored.

alans garage

Three of my houses would fit in his garage. What you saw was only a small portion of it. It is fabulous.

My dad worked for Ford and retired from there. So our family still buys mostly Ford products. Alan has a lot of unique old classic cars, not all Fords, though. He loves buying cars. I think he got a bigger kick out of it than we did. If you like, I’ll write the story up for you after I send you some better photos.

Hi Cathy,
Yes, I would love to hear the story about that day in detail!

Hi Aaron,
We were totally surprised. We always have Sunday lunch at Mama’s (every Sunday). Alan is always there on the Sunday before Christmas. We all came in at noon from church and saw the cars parked in the back, but didn’t want to assume they were ours. We didn’t see the tags on them at first. So we sauntered into the house, acting like nothing unusual was going on–like we hadn’t seen the cars–didn’t mention them. I guess Alan thought that was strange, but he finally took us all out back to show them to us. We were floored! Even though it’s been 7 years ago now, every time I look out my window and see it sitting in my driveway, it feels like Christmas all over again. What a great surprise. What he said to us on that Sunday at lunch was, “I thought about giving you money, but I knew you’d spend it all on bills. Then I thought about trying to find you all replicas of your first cars (Mine would have been a 65 blue Falcon) and have them restored, but then he thought they would be too much trouble to take care of, trying to find parts, etc. So, Alan decided on the Tbirds. He said; “I want you to have fun with them–drive them, don’t worry about scratching them up. Have fun!”

Hi Cathy,
Great photos. His garage looks great too. Thanks again… everyone in the office is in amazement. Just the fact that you and your sisters all got 4 different colored tbirds as a present wrapped with the ribbons is great….. but, to have it from Alan Jackson makes it surreal. Wow, thanks for sharing that with us.
Have a Thunderful night!

What a great photo collage! Let’s say thanks to Cathy for sharing this great heart warming story. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did over here at Thunderbird Concepts!

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