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We can save you time and money on Ford Thunderbird OEM replacements for your 2002, 2003, 2004, or 2005 Thunderbird!


Here is an example of where we saved Mark Masten almost $1000 on his Thunderbird OEM replacement part!

Mark needed the rear pocket license plate housing only. Mark went to his local Ford Dealer and they wanted to charge him over $600 for the complete rear bumper (UN-PAINTED) with insert license frame housing. And, to make the situation more costly and timely, Mark was going to have to get the rear bumper painted to match his Tbird. That was going to cost him an extra $500 to paint the bumper. The grand total was going to cost Mark over $1000 for a simple part that he needed… and, parts, he did not need.

We ended up saving Mark a lot of time and money!

Mark only needed the black license plate housing, like you see in the picture below. We were able to call our FORD OEM contact, of over 11 years now, and get just the part he needed… next day! The cost was $275 for just the black insert license frame area. So, we ended up saving Mark a lot of money here.

Next time you need any Ford Thunderbird OEM replacement parts, please email or call us first to see what we can do for you. Most of the time, we can get any OEM replacement part for your Thunderbird within one day.

OEM rear pocket license plate section

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We can get your Ford Thunderbird OEM replacement part!
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