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Ford Thunderbird Dead

Is the New Ford Thunderbird DEAD?

Some may believe so because Ford discontinued the Tbird in 2005, but those of us at Thunderbird Concepts do not believe so…… in our experience, it is more alive than ever before.

Why is the Ford Thunderbird more alive than ever?

We have the pleasure to interact with new Ford Thunderbird owners on a daily basis and we witness how they cherish their Tbird in every way. This new Ford Thunderbird is a unique, limited-production, American icon. This is what makes the new Ford Thunderbird even more exciting for the Thunderbird enthusiast. We imagine that most of you Tbird owners are still experiencing the envious and intrigued looks, along with some pleasant Tbird conversation from passers-by. It’s a unique vehicle that has too much history to just “die off”. We are also of the  opinion that Ford will bring it back again, someday. Maybe they will go full circle again like they did with the transition of the two-door 55-57 Tbirds (like the current 2002 2003 2004 and 2005 Tbirds) to the early 60’s Tbirds that had four doors thus catering to a larger market? Who is to say what the next models of Tbirds will look like, you just have to know that the Tbird will not die off because Ford would never kill off their iconic automobile…….. remember….. Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy, and even Elvis Aaron Presely all had Tbirds!



The Ford Motor Co. communicated that this is not the end of the line for its famous icon. Instead, its release from production referred to the decision as putting the name back in its
“future-product vault.”

“We promised all along that this Thunderbird would have a limited production run, and we’re being true to our word,” said Steve Lyons, Ford Division president.
“Thunderbird was a terrific image builder for the Ford brand showroom at a time when we needed it.”

Like we say here at Retrobird Concepts, The Ford Thunderbird will never DIE! Yes, you can quote us on that.

What Ford Has To Say On The Subject

Update: March 16, 2012: Our friend, and fellow Tbirder, Glen Lewis, contacted Ford this year and asked them about the possiblility of the Thunderbird making it back into production any
time in the near future. This is what they had to say;

Dear Glen,

Thank you for contacting Ford Motor Company. We appreciate the time you have taken to write us.

The Thunderbird is a timeless classic, an important part of Ford Motor Company’s heritage, and this country’s automotive history. At this time, we do not have an estimated date for when the new
Thunderbird will be available at dealerships.

The Ford Thunderbird will make its return as a concept car. The new concept car is an indication of where we’re headed with the Thunderbird when it goes back into production for the new
millennium. It’s also just one example of the exciting and dynamic new cars we plan to introduce in the future. For more information on the Thunderbird please visit

Our Marketing Program Headquarters can make it easier to purchase your next Ford or Lincoln vehicle by informing you of all the current incentives available. We can also send out a new vehicle
brochure for any vehicle(s) that may interest you. Our number is 1-800-334-4375 and we are here Monday – Friday 9am – 6pm EST to assist you. When you call, we can also set up a demonstration
drive at a time and dealership of your choice to experience the vehicle first hand.

Thank you for contacting Ford Motor Company.

Ford Motor Company
Ford Marketing Program Headquarters

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Aaron…..It would’nt surprise me if Ford came back out with the T-Bird again. I just have the feeling that the new T-Birds will be just as much a classic as our 55-57’s. And sought after as
much or more in a few years. I have grey ’03 , it still get looks and ooh’s and aah’s. Funny you sign out with “happy Tbirding”
My vanity license plate is T-BIRD’N.
long live the T-Birds!

T-BIRD’N Bob Brandt

thank you Aaron for the reminders of how much i love my tbird…i am a fairly new owner (april) and had the determination to get my dream car for my 50th birthday. well i just made it in time
before my 5lst birthday came around (june)… i am still in shock when i come out everyday to get in my dream car…even more so when i ride the streets of Los Angeles..crowded with cars that
all look the same!!!
i am hoping to get my hands on the lift for my hard top the first of the year when my funds are better…i have not had the enjoyment yet of riding with the top off, but just CAN”T WAIT to get
even more stares and glares…i will keep you posted.
have a wonderful holiday and i look forward to getting some product in the new year!!!
Rayva Harrell
2003 bird lover
Hi Aaron,
Thanks for writing, I always love opening your home page because there is a picture of my white Thunderbird. I love my car more every day and you are right, the Thunderbird will never die. I
was very young when the first Birds came out but I always wanted a 1957 which I could never afford back then. I almost bought one 2 years ago but decided on the new ones because of the new
Technology…. I will be buying more stuff in the coming year as I always like new stuff for my Bird.

Dear Aaron,

I am 65 and admired the T-Bird when they came out in 1955. Soon, the model morphed into a nice looking 4-seater, but before much longer into a hideous barge. Ugh. Eventually, I could afford
an old 2-seater, but by then I had kids and a mortgage and could not justify the costly burden of an old, expensive-to-maintain antique car.

When the two-seater reappered 50 years later, I had kids in grad school. Thought about it, but couldn’t afford or justify buying one, again. Then, in 2005, I read in the newspaper, “Ford
Thunderbird Discontinued.” Yikes! I went to my Ford dealer within a few days and bought a new 2005. I knew that I didn’t have another 50 years. Photo attached.

So could the T-Bird reappear some day? Perhaps, but probably not as a powerful V-8 again, and I doubt they can get much more out of the original styling, re-used as it was in 2003. So, no,
not dead, because so many of us are enthusiasts and own them. But I doubt the T-Bird will reappear again in my lifetime. I don’t care, though. I intend to make mine last for another 20 years
– if I last that long – and even then, I plan to be buried in it.

Don Harmon
Oak Hill, VA

don hartman's 2005 ford thunderbird

Thanks for the “death notice” but it’s not at all true! I have a 2002 with less than 25k miles on it. My Bird is all factory original except for the K&N air filter that I purchased from
Retrobird Concepts a few months ago. She’s Inspiration Yellow w/black and yellow interior and the factory hard top. The factory chrome wheels are wearing
Michelin Pilot tires for maximum handling and speed requirements. It’s a great car and most importantly, it’s fast! No, it’s not for sale!
Yours Truly,

Gary L. Kirkpatrick

Hi Aaron,
Thanks for the email! No, the Thunderbird is not dead. I get stopped in traffic, at the bank drive through and in parking lots all the time wanting to look at my T Bird! People love it and are
intrigued by it. I’ve only had my ’02 since July 7, 2007, but I’ve loved every minute of it! I’m attaching a photo of the day I bought it. Keep on doing a great job keeping us up to date! I
hope to purchase the trim kit for the hard top soon. Happy New Year!
Donna Vincent, Kershaw, SC

donna vincent's Tbird
donna's Thunderbird 2


Thanks for the article and information. Even if it does not become a collector’s edition, it is a fantastic car and will probably be given to someone in the family after we are gone.

I gave my Bride (Julie) a very low mile 03 T Bird in September of 2007 for our 40th Anniversary. She has always wanted a Bird and I looked at the old ones and decided to go with newer
technology and something she could drive more comfortably. It immediately became “her” vehicle and once in a while she gives me permission to drive it. Her license plate reads “Jules T”.

I have purchased a couple of items from you and I am certain I will be buying more. Your service and commitment to your customers is SUPER! Keep up the good work!

Charlie Workman, Colorado Springs, CO


I do not believe the Tbird is dead, this car has fascinated me ever since it first came out in 1955. I would have purchased one then but could not afford it. Then after college and a few years
of military life and then working in the field of marketing for 30 years and raising a family at the same time, the extra money was never there, however, after retirement, that is when my 52
year dream finally came true when I purchased my 2003 Thunderbird with the black soft top and the all red hard top to go with it, the interior is black with the red inserts in the seats and the
red on the steering wheel and the shift lever nob.

This is a car that continues to turn heads and all sorts of comments, it gives me great pride to drive it and if the Ford Motor Co decides to bring it back, now that I can afford it, I will be
first in line to purchase one.

No I do not believe the Thunderbird is dead.


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