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Tbird Valentine’s Gift

John Koitsch won the best husband of the year award.

She Was Ecstatic!

“Hello Aaron,
Just a note of thanks for the help in making my wife Lucy’s Valentine day spectacular. The tonneau’s are fantastic and look great. Lucy was very surprised and wanted to drive the Bird right
away. As discussed earlier, the Bird was a surprise on Valentine’s day in 2004. Now the tonneau’s for the surprise this year.
Attached are some pics. I have larger /images pixel wise if you need them.

Again thanks,”

John Koitsch

surprise tbird present

surprise 2


tonneau rear

driving tbird

tbird side

tbird side and bear

Thanks again John. This was a great positive fun experience for us as well. We are glad that the day turned out to be so perfect!

Breaking News:

John just sent in this email message;

Good day from Florida and how are you? Great here. Received the newsletter and your write up with pics are fantastic. We here are very pleased, especially Lucy. I am glad that we could share
this business experience together. Thank you very much.


Again, thanks.


John Koitsch


Hi Aaron,

This brings back such good memories for Lucy and I. It was so trying to get the tonneau’s on in the garage and then back it out without her knowing.
Again thanks for all you did on your end of this great story, for all to share.

John Koitsch 2009

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