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  • 2002 TBird TBC Cold Air Intake

2002 TBird TBC Cold Air Intake

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T-Bird Cold Air Intake Testimonials and Additional Info

Ford Thunderbird Cold Air Intake
Pictured here is the 2002 Thunderbird Cold Air Intake

3.9L, V8, Gas, MFI, VIN “A”. Ford Thunderbird 2002.

(The 2002 model is different from the 2003-2005 model, be sure to select the correct one.)

This Cold Air Intake Induction System Increases Power, Increases Fuel Milage, is More Economical, is Easy To Install, and has a Larger Filter Area that Can Increase Service Intervals Up To 100,000 Miles. According to a 9-10 vote from the Thunderbird Nest Thunderbird Club, they prefer this black finish over the polished finish because it “blends into the engine compartment much better”. This Ford Thunderbird Cold Air Intake Induction kit comes complete with a bolt on assembly that replaces the stock airbox. Approved in all states except CA for emissions.

*Attention California Tbirders. This Cold Air Intake Induction kit is not CARB compliant. You will need to replace with stock airbox to pass emissions test in CA.

Less expensive than the K&N cold air intake and made of the same EXACT (same mfg.) air filter material, this performance upgrade is easy to install and will actually let your 3.9 L V8 breathe the cold air it is starving for. In turn, this will increase gas mileage and help your engine perform better at the same time giving it a crisp throttle response with increased lower end torque. It will give your Thunderbird More Power as well as give it a throatier sound and this Ford Thunderbird Cold Air Intake will only take you about 30 minutes to install. This Ford Thunderbird Cold Air Intake really gives you the extra bang your Thunderbird deserves. I personally have a cold air intake, and it’s amazing what this little item here will do to your Thunderbird. It’s so easy to install, you’ll say to yourself after your done… “that’s it..?!” Treat yourself to this simple to install Perfomance upgrade part today!
Best Regards,
Thunderbird Concepts CEO Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott

“The Typhoon Cold Air Intake gives my Thunderbird more power and a tough deep sound. I highly suggest that all Thunderbird Owners put this on their V8”
Greg Hlinka. (2-11-06)

Aaron, I received my Mats and TBC cold air intake today. The mats are beautiful and the TBC is a fantastic piece of equipment. The best deal I ever got. Thank you so much. I guess I’m a thunderbird concepts addict now.
Richard 11-29-10

Dear Aaron,
A couple of months ago, I installed one of your cold air intakes on my 2003 T-Bird and have been extremely pleased with it. It seems like it increased the horsepower by 15 or 20 hp immediately. I highly recommend it.

Bob Hein, Castle Rock CO. 1-12-12



My question is about the cold air intake offered on your site. Does this replace the regular air filter? If so I would buy it just for the reason that I have not been able to change the air filter in my Tbird. It is really wedged in there & can’t figure how to get cover off, will probably ask shop to do it.

Arlene Koszyk

Hi Arlene,
There are two engine options with different air intakes on the Ford Thunderbird; the 2002 tbird engine and the 2003-05 tbird engine. They are a little different in the engine layout and engine performance and size.
There is a cold air intake for both year specifications 2002 and 2003-2005.
So, if you were to get the “cold air intake” system, make sure that you select the correct part that corresponds with your tbird’s year.

The “cold air intake” replaces the whole “intake” system. This consists of the tube with air filter.

There is also just the “air filter” replacement. This will replace just the filter and not the whole cold air intake system. To replace the stock Ford Thunderbird air filter simply unlatch the top of the air filter box take out the old filter for disposal and replace with the new air filter.

I suggest the larger “cold air intake”. It makes a difference in that it lets your engine “breathe” thus giving it more horsepower and performance.

This part comes with complete installation instructions.
I hope this helps!
Thank you,

Aaron Scott, ceo

Dear Aaron – thanks for the holiday greeting. I have wanted to advise you that your Borla exhaust system on my ’05 has matured into a very nice smooth, low mellow sound when cruising, and is pretty authoritatively snappy when you get on it – perfect and I couldn’t be more pleased. I am now looking at the cold air intake systems that you are offering and truly want your opinion on the one that will give the best performance. I like the fact that your newer offering, the TBC system has a black appearance (vs. the chrome look of the K&N Typhoon) and agree that the former would look better under the hood; however, I would really like your take on the performance issues between the two, cost aside here. Thanx, and best wishes for a continuing good holiday season and a successful new year for you folks at TBird Concepts. Your products are great. I am looking forward to your comments.

Phil Perry (12-7-07)

Hi Phil,
Good to hear from you as well. In regards to the Ford Thunderbird Cold Air Intake Performance upgrade… the TBC Brand. There is really not much performance difference between the TBC versus the K&N Cold Air Intakes except the huge price difference and the K&N brand has a little better cold air router (box). The reason being is that the TBC is the exact same material from the same exact manufacturer. You are paying for the brand name on that one. I suggest the lower priced TBC. It’s pretty much the same thing. It will give you better gas mileage, better performance, and it’s easy to install. I hope this has helped.
Happy Tbirding,

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