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  • Thunderbird Hoodscoop Bezel
  • Thunderbird Hoodscoop Bezel
  • Tbird All Chrome Hood Scoop Bezel
  • Tbird All Chrome Hood Scoop Bezel
  • Tbird All Chrome Hood Scoop Bezel
  • Thunderbird Hoodscoop Bezel
  • Thunderbird Hoodscoop Bezel
  • Thunderbird Hoodscoop Bezel
  • Tbird All Chrome Hood Scoop Bezel
  • Tbird All Chrome Hood Scoop Bezel
  • Tbird All Chrome Hood Scoop Bezel
  • Thunderbird Hoodscoop Bezel

Ford Thunderbird Aftermarket All-Chrome PREMIUM HOODSCOOP BEZEL

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T-Bird Aftermarket ALL-CHROME Premium Hood Scoop Bezel Photos, Testimonials and Additional Info

ALL-CHROME Aftermarket Premium Hood Scoop Bezel Description

This Ford Thunderbird Hood Scoop chrome trim is a chrome plated ABS plastic. This Hoodscoop Bezel Kit is an all in one snap-on part that replaces the whole existing hoodsoop bezel you currently have on your Tbird. You will not have to drill any holes or screw bolts into your Ford Thunderbird to install. The Ford Thunderbird Hood Scoop trim attaches with the ford factory snaps and will not damage your Thunderbird in any way thus keeping the value of your Tbird as a collectors vehicle. We recommend this PREMIUM Hoodscoop over the Stick-On Hoodscoop Bezel because of the way it replaces the whole bezel section, including the louvers. Also, the look does not look “aftermarket”, thus giving it that more natural original factory look while at the same time giving it more of a luxurious look. This will ad value to your Thunderbird. We offer two versions: the Black Louver, Chrome Top Premium Hoodscoop Bezel and the All-Chrome Hoodscoop Bezel!


Why buy an ALL-CHROME Premium Hood Scoop Bezel?

It adds value and also because Ford did not incorporate the chrome bezel with the stock Ford Thunderbird. This Ford Thunderbird Hoodscoop adds a touch of class with the chrome accenting the beautiful design of the hoodscoop. It also helps to increase your Tbirds value giving it the look of a “premium” upgrade. We sell a lot of Tbird Hoodscoop Bezels. It’s an absolutely “must do” upgrade. The hoodscoop is a really nice design and it deserves to be showed off with a little chrome shine!

tbird hoodscoop

Pictured here is the Thunderbird Concepts 2004 limited spring edition ice blue tbird!

all chrome hoodscoop bezel hoodscoop for tbird by randall carter

tbird with hoodscoop
Torch Red Tbird pictured above with All Chrome Hoodscoop Bezel, is valued customer, Randall Carter!



Hello Aaron:
I recently received the replacement hood scoop bezel and tail light bezels for my ’05 Thunderbird. I have not installed the tail light bezels yet (waiting for 65 degrees or better), but the hood scoop bezel is installed and looks great. I wanted to pass on my experience with that installation.

When I read the instructions that came with the new bezel and it said to remove the hood liner, I knew I was in trouble, since I had neither the tools nor the know-how to do that. So I called the Ford dealer who sold me the ‘Bird in ’05 and talked to the service manager, who sent me on to the body shop that they use for such projects. When I got to the body shop (Accurate Lines of Marysville, WA) and explained my needs, the mechanic looked at the car, the replacement bezel, and asked why I thought I had to remove the hood liner. Being a good soldier (retired), I replied, “Because that’s what the instructions that came with the part said to do.” So he said, “Not so,” went back into the shop, came back with two flat bladed screwdrivers, popped the old bezel out, popped the new one in, and that was that — in about ten seconds. Needless to say, while this is going on, I’m standing there with my mouth hanging open in astonishment and awe, waiting for lightning to strike him, me, and my precious ‘Bird for such an act in the face of the instructions that came with the part. When I asked what I owed him, he replied, “Just a big smile.” He certainly got that.

Will go. Keep up the good work. I will be coming back to you soon for more “dress up” goodies for my ‘Bird. I learned of your existence, by the way, from the Thunderbird Scoop, the magazine published by the Vintage Thunderbird Club International.
Trammell Lindsey (Marysville, WA 3-20-08)

Thunderbird Concepts Note on Installation: We suggest you don’t use a screwdriver to pop off the existing hoodscoop (although it can work like it did for Trammell) It is a really easy install. All you do is pop off a few clips on the inside hood liner and then pop off the clamps on the INSIDE of the existing hoodscoop. This way you will not BREAK off the tabs or scratch your paint. JUST SIMPLY PINCH IN THE CLIPS UNDERNEATH THE HOOD LINER. It’s a very simple install. We suggest this method over the screwdriver method.

Here is a note we received from one of our valued customers, George H.

Hello Aaron,
Hello AARON, Received the Ford OEM Hood scoop chrome trim…..Looks terrific of course…..OH yes… is an installation tip that can help out other Tbirder’s:

Installation tip: Before inserting new hood scoop trim piece, place a tiny coating white grease, or even vaseline on both sides of each of the 3 clip/fasteners. The trim piece will pop right in with very little force and binding. Additionally, a slight wipe (we’re talking barely visible..) of the same white grease (Available at Radio shack in small tubes) applied to both surfaces of the big boot snaps before you install, makes on and off a breeze. Snaps push right on, hold as usual, AND pop off without massive pull. *This is not required for installation. It will simply make installation a little easier.

hoodscoop bezel comparison for Tbird
Pictured above is our June 2013 Tbird Calendar winner. You can see the difference in Hoodscoop Bezels very clearly. The black louver premium hoodscoop bezel is on the left, and the all-chrome premium hoodscoop bezel is on the right.
Hello Aaron!
On February 28th, I received my new set of Michelin Pilot white walls! They are beautiful! Great quality tires! No problem at all with shipping and installation! They really look terrific on my T-Bird! The perfect custom accessory! They really add that special touch of class!
I can now say that my 2003 T-Bird has been completely customized!! (My wife was very happy to hear that!!) The modifications included the following:
* Continental Kit (with T-Bird emblem)
* Rear Fender Skirts
* Borla Performance Split Rear Cat-Back Exhaust System
* K&N “Typhoon” Cold Air Intake System
* Michelin Pilot White Wall Tires
* Roadster Tonneau Cover
* Sylvania SilverStar High Performance Lighting
* Chrome Hood Scoop Bezel
* Chrome Engraved License Plate Frames
* Last, but not least………White Fuzzy Dice!!
Also, Aaron, you asked me to send photographs of my T-Bird after the customization was complete. You’ll be happy to know that the photos are in the mail!
The photos are yours to keep and to do with as you wish. Let me know when you receive them. Any other feedback is also welcome. I’m always open to comments and suggestions!
Thanks, Aaron, to you and your guys for helping in making my T-Bird something very special!
Greg Hlinka in Alexadria, VA (March 13th 2006)

I want to thank you for helping me with my order, and the ‘heads up’ info. Boy, you should write a book about Customer Service, cause you definitely understand the importance of it… and what it means to your customers. I have read a lot of the comments on your web-site, and I can tell that I am not the only one that is proud to say, I am a customer of Thunderbird Concepts.
Thanks to you and your team,
John Barrett, May 6, 2014



Just wanted to thank you for your products. They not only impressively beautiful on the Thunderbird, everything was so easy to put on and fit like a glove . It amazed me. It was so simple, that any one, would NOT have a hard time putting it ON. I installed a bunch of things and only took me 5 hours… and, I had fun doing it. Ordering more….
Thank you for the best products I ever bought in 50 years.
Russell Rogers
May 8, 2014


Have the all chrome one from Thunderbird Concepts. Looks great on red car. Put on about 6 years ago still looks like new. Easy to install. Drop hood insulator under hood press clips on original scoop and push out. Snap in new chrome one. Takes about half hour.
(Posted by Stanley on the forum board on TBN March 2015)

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