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  • Thunderbird Hardtop Lift Electric
  • Thunderbird Hardtop Lift
  • Thunderbird Hardtop Lift
  • Tbird Hardtop Lift by Robert Salisbury
  • Tbird Hardtop Lift by Robert Salisbury
  • Thunderbird Hardtop Lift Electric
  • Thunderbird Hardtop Lift
  • Thunderbird Hardtop Lift
  • Tbird Hardtop Lift by Robert Salisbury
  • Tbird Hardtop Lift by Robert Salisbury

Ford Thunderbird Hard Top Lift – ELECTRIC WINCH HOIST

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T-Bird Electric Winch Hoist Photos, Testimonials and Additional Info

Hard Top Lift Systems Are A Necessity For All Ford Thunderbird Owners

Here is a good example why you should own a Ford Thunderbird Hardtop Lift:
One of our valued customers , Perry in California, dropped his Ford Thunderbird Hardtop just two weeks after buying his T-Bird. He tried to move the top by hand, which was difficult even with two people, and it was still accidentally dropped on the ground. After that he ended up buying a Ford Thunderbird hardtop lift system and emailed us this message after he received his hoist;

“I wish I would of known about you guys two weeks ago before I damaged my Hardtop”.

Don’t learn this lesson the hard way. Invest in a solid Ford Thunderbird Hard top Lift System that will last the life of your Ford Thunderbird!

What is a Ford Thunderbird Hardtop Lift?
The Ford Thunderbird Hoist System enables just one person to remove and install the hard top very easily! This Ford Thunderbird Hardtop Lift System is designed to store your Tbird Hardtop for long periods of time without damaging your Tbird’s Hardtop.

If you plan on keeping your T-bird around, then this is one of those products that you must own. The very small investment of this Ford Thunderbird hardtop lift system is a bargain considering that it will eliminate the need to have another person always assist you with the continuous removing and installing of that 81 pound Ford Thunderbird hardtop; let alone the danger factor of hurting your back or damaging your Ford Thunderbird and/or hardtop.

This Ford Thunderbird Hoist was designed to balance the Ford Thunderbird Hardtop for long periods of time without damaging the paint or weather stripping.

You absolutely need to invest in a Ford Thunderbird hardtop lift system if you plan on the constant removing of your hardtop during the seasons. Try our Ford Thunderbird hardtop lift system out, and if your not 100% satisfied, then very easily send it back. (FYI we have had 1 returned hardtop lift system returned to us since 2002!)

Electric Motorized Winch Model Specifications:

  • 440 pound maximum lifting capacity which is more than enough for the 81 pound Ford Thunderbird Hardtop.
  • Same assembly as the Brake Winch Model except for the motor winch.
  • Electric Motor is a 110 volt universal plug standard in all U.S. homes.
  • Control switch to operate electric motor winch for ease of use. (this hangs down from the top of the mounting bracket down to the bottom level of the Thunderbird hardtop)



Alex Alexanders Electric Winch Ford Thunderbird Hardtop Lift Installation:

thunderbird hardtop lift system
hard top hoist for tbird
hardtop lift thunderbird

I have very good sized Townhouse that I bought after my wife passed away. Before I had a huge house, that I did not need. The Problem is now, is that the garage is a little tight, as I said to you before, and, I also have a Toyota truck that I fit into the garage. You can almost see how tight it there from my pictures. But, you lift system fit into my small garage perfect.

I really love the use I get from the Electric lift. Being able to run that top up and down easily, is a really good deal for me.

At my age (81), having the electric is much better than operating the one you sell, that is hand crank operated.
-Alex Alexander 5-3-11

Tbird Hardtop Lift by Robert Salisbury

Pictured here is valued customer, Ray Salisbury and his two Tbird’s. (boy, is he living the dream right here, or what!)
Notice his retrobird hardtop hanging high above on his garage ceiling.

Tbird Hardtop Lift by Robert Salisbury

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does the Brake Winch and Electric Motor come with the Support Cradle and Harness Assembly or do I have to purchase that separately?
Answer: The Brake Winch and Electric Motor all include Support Cradle and Harness Assembly as well as all necessary hardware and fasteners.

Question: In your photo it would appear that the weather stripping is resting on the support cradle. Doesn’t it become damaged over time?
Answer: The weather stripping is actually higher than the hard inner head liner. The contact points between the padded support cradle and the hardtop are with this hard inner head liner. Thus the weather stripping is not effected.

Question: Can I leave my hardtop hanging in the hoist?
Answer: The hardtop is supported and balanced at three points in such a way that does not strain the structure, does not touch the paint and does not effect the weather stripping. You can cover your suspended hardtop and leave it up and out of harm’s way for as long as you need to.

Question: How high does my garage ceiling have to be?
Answer: Your ceiling can be as low as seven feet. It’s generally a good idea to back your car into place for the removal and replacement procedure. This will accommodate a lower ceiling height and the hardtop will be over the hood of the car when you park normally so you wont bang your head getting in and out of the car. Also, the lifting cable will be far enough into the garage to prevent interference with the garage door. The greatest advantage is replacing the hardtop – you can lower the hardtop to just a few inches higher than it would be as it sat on the car. This will make it very easy to back your car under it for a perfect alignment and absolutely safe replacement.

Question: Which lifting system do you recommend?
Answer: Both lifting systems are very safe and easy to use. Of course, the easier it is to raise and lower the hardtop the safer it’s going to be. The electric lifting system has a little box which houses the control switch and is small enough to allow you to actually use both hands to help position the hardtop as it is lowered onto the car.

Question: How difficult is the installation?
Answer: The installation is quick and easy. If you have a ladder, a 1/4′ drill, a phillips screwdriver and a 9/16″ socket you can install any of the systems and have the hardtop removed from you car in about 45 minutes.

Question: Is this really a “one person” operation?
Answer: Yes, it’s very simple to use.

Question: Do you have to modify the Electrical in the garage?
Answer: No, it’s a basic plug into the socket attachment!

Question: What is the guarantee?
Answer: The guarantee is very simple: If at any time you’re not completely satisfied with any Hard Top Lift products, you have 30 days to return in for a refund as long as it is in new condition.

A few questions from one of our valued customers;

Question: I would like more information on the installation of this hoist such as can the hoist be mounted on a side wall and if so are the pulleys supplied.
Answer: No, what you will have to do is mount it on the top ceiling, directly above where your hardtop lift will be raised.

Question: Also does the speed of the hoist need to be doubled down or is there a control on the motor to control the lowering speed.
Answer: Our electric motor winch has one speed; Slow. This insures that your hardtop will be lifted smooth and safe!

Question: How does the hoist attach to the car top, with straps or is there a curved bar under the top?
Answer: There is a custom mandrel bent bar that is specifically designed for your vehicle with a protective padding that you will cradle underneath the window section of your hardtop. This insures that your top will be held efficiently and most importantly, without damaging your hardtop’s weather rubber trim.

Question: Does the top swing when hanging and how precise does the Bird need to be under the hanging top for alignment back on to the car?
Answer: Yes, the top can swing. With the Electric Motor Winch, you simply use one hand to control the lifting button, and one hand to steady the top as it raises… if it actually does start to turn or sway. The top only weighs around 80lbs, so if it does start to sway and move around, it will not fall off the lift system. Our lift systems are secure. If you are using the Brake Winch version, you will simply raise it slowly, and if it does start to sway or move, you will stop the lifting, grab control of the hardtop, then proceed. Again, your hardtop is secure, so you will not have to worry about it falling off!

Question: Any additional information would be greatly appreciated since I have a one car garage and I have a garage door opener to work around. The garage isn’t very deep and the location of the top on the car sits directly below the opener motor. I may need to offset the hoist to pass the rail of the opener or back the bird in and hang the top behind the opener.
Answer: You called it in your last line when you said to: “back your car in and hang the top behind the opener”. That’s your best option. If you were to hang the eye bolt hanger or Electric Motor Winch on the side of the garage door opener motor on the top ceiling, you would then have to be more careful with lifting and lowering the hardtop down to your vehicle. We do not suggest this, although it is possible.

Question: In addition I only have an eight foot high ceiling. Thanks for any help. Love your site and just ordered the chrome rear deck protector. I check your site everyday.
Answer: As long as your ceiling is 6 feet high, you can install any of our Hardtop Lift Systems for your cherished roadster!



“Received the top hoist and it worked like a charm with some help from my son and son-in law. I don’t think we could have removed the top without it. Thanks !”
Richard W. in California

“Received the Hard Top bag and Cart, they work great!”
Jim J.

“I love the security that comes with having my new brake winch hoist. Thanks!”
Terry S.

“Thanks, great Hoist lift!”
Karyl P. from the Thunderbird Nest Club

Aaron, My Hardtop Hoist went together beautifully, just like the directions said, take your time, understand it. Adjust it to fit your top. I cannot believe how effortless it is to remove the Hardtop! I wanted to be able to remove the Hardtop by myself and now I can! I can leave it up by the Garage ceiling or set it on my hardtop stand. What a great Hoist! Sincerely,
A.J. Roden (9-20-09)

Aaron, I ordered and installed my hardtop hoist. It works great and is very easy to install. Due to some physcial restraints, I store it up near the ceiling so it’s always ready to lower onto the car. This is a great buy for anyone that likes to use their hardtop from time to time or just to make easy storage without scratching their car.
Thanks again,

Bob Hawk July 2010

Aaron, My Dad wanted to drive my 2002 Thunderbird for his 91 st Birthday!…….don’t worry it didn’t happen. My Dad was a Tool & die maker for 46 years and while in my garage he marveled at my Thunderbird Concepts Hardtop hoist…Do you mean you can remove this big hardtop all by yourself with this hoist? Yes I can, I replied,..he just shook his head, such Marvelous technology ! Thanks Aaron, your always on the cutting edge of new ideas and technology.

Tony Roden & Father

tony roden thunderbird hardtop lift
tbird hoist lift
Tony’s Dad age 91 above and Tony Roden pictured here

I’ve found the top lift the most useful so far! Makes a two man job easy for one!
I’m considering the stainless trim around rear deck for protection and do away with the “tape” from Ford. Are you offering any Christmas specials on the kit?
Our T-Birds are special — a fellow today asked me what kind of car I was driving as I parked at the bank! He was carried away with the look! What’s nice is one doesn’t see a ‘Bird on every street corner!

Ron 12-2-10

I have forgotten to tell about the installation of my Ford Thunderbird Hard Top Lift . It works great and especially in my Townhouse, I do not have to much space in that garage along with my truck.
Alex 5-2-11

electric hard top lift thunderbirdPictured above is Victor Johnson’s Electric Winch hardtop lift system. Victor designed a custom mount bar that you see above (our model comes with a standard 12″ mounting bar). The difference here is that he can slide the motor to the edge of his garage, lift his hardtop off with the winch, then, slide the hardtop to the back of his garage. This is not necessary, but, since Victor is an ex-marine engineer, he came up with his own solution to make the hardtop lift system work with his smaller garage space. I thought it was a very interesting and unique modification to our system. So, if you have a garage that might be too small or, you want to push your hardtop to the back end wall of your garage, this could be a solution for you. Most Tbirder’s don’t need to modify our lift system at all. Our lifts system is a turn key lifting system.
Thunderbird Concepts CEO Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott (Founder and CCO “chief cruizin officer of Thunderbird Concepts)


Here is an unsolicited phone call from Victor Johnson talking about how much he loves his hard tonneau cover, stainless steel trim, and hardtop lifts system:

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