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  • Ford Thunderbird Hood Scoop Trim – Stick On
  • tbird hoodscoop stainless steel
  • Ford Thunderbird Hood Scoop Trim – Stick On
  • tbird hoodscoop stainless steel

Ford Thunderbird Hood Scoop Trim – Stick On

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T-Bird STICK-ON Hood Scoop Trim Photos, Testimonials and Additional Info

STICK-ON Hood Scoop Trim Description

This Ford Thunderbird STICK-ON Hood Scoop trim is made from stainless steel and perfectly cut and curved to fit on the edge of your Ford Thunderbird’s front hood air scoop. You will not have to drill any holes or screw anything into the Ford Thunderbird. The Ford Thunderbird Hood Scoop trim is attached using special 3M adhesive and it will not damage the surface.

Why a Ford Thunderbird Chrome Hoodscoop Bezel?

It adds value and also because Ford did not incorporate the chrome bezel with the stock Ford Thunderbird. This Ford Thunderbird Hoodscoop adds a touch of class with a stainless steel accenting the beautiful design of the hoodscoop. It also helps to increase your Tbirds value giving it the look of a “premium” upgrade. We sell a lot of Tbird Hoodscoop Bezels.


Full 3M Acrylic Foam Backing for permanent adhesion.
3M will hold for a lifetime without causing any damage to the surface of the car.
Installation instructions are enclosed with the package.
No special tools needed.
Clean and prep the surface. Peel off the self-adhesive backing and apply to the surface.
Installation takes no more then several minutes

Important Installation Note: Please be sure to bend the edges of this stick-on tbird hoodscoop before adhering it to your Tbird. If you don’t bend it to the contour as much as possible, it will pull up over time. If you do this bending before applying this trim to your hoodscoop, you will eliminate the problem before it happens. I hope this helps. – Aaron Scott

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is it hard to install?
Answer: It is very easy to install and all the trims come with step-by-step installation instructions. You can very easily install the trim on a Saturday afternoon!

Question: How does it attach?
Answer: The trim attaches very easily with a 3M adhesive backing…..just peel and stick….that’s it. The 3M adhesive will last the life of your vehicle.

Question: What is your guarantee?
Answer: If you receive the trim and feel you don’t like the way it looks or do not want to install it for any reason, you have 365 days from when you received the trim to send it back to us for a refund unused.


Ford Thunderbird Hoodscoop Bezel OEM

thunderbird hoodscoop
Pictured here is the STICK-ON Hood Scoop Trim.

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