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  • Thunderbird Rocker Panel Trim
  • Thunderbird Rocker Panel Trim
  • Thunderbird Rocker Panel Trim
  • Thunderbird Rocker Panel Trim

Ford Thunderbird Rocker Panel Trim

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T-Bird Rocker Panel Trim Photos, Testimonials and Additional Info

Rocker Panel Trim Description

These Ford Thunderbird Rocker Panels are a Stainless steel trim 4.5 inches wide that cover the rocker panel of your Ford Thunderbird. The Ford Thunderbird Rocker Panel trim consists of 4 pieces (2 for each side) sold as a set.

The Ford Thunderbird Rocker Panel trim also compliments the chrome wheels and makes your Ford Thunderbird look more attractive thus enhancing your Ford Thunderbird’s look while increasing your Ford Thunderbird’s value.

Did we mention that it protects your Ford Thunderbird against the all to common road tars and stone chips. The Ford Thunderbird Rocker Panel trim definently makes your Ford Thunderbird stand out!



3M Adhesive System will hold for a lifetime without causing damage to the surface of the vehicle.
Installation instructions are enclosed with the package.
No special tools needed.
Clean and prep the surface. Peel off the self-adhesive backing and apply to the surface
Installation takes no more then several minutes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is it hard to install?
Answer: It is very easy to install and all the trims come with step-by-step installation instructions. You can very easily install the trim on a Saturday afternoon!

Question: How does it attach?
Answer: The trim attaches very easily with a 3M adhesive backing…..just peel and stick….that’s it. The 3M adhesive will last the life of your vehicle.

Question: What is your guarantee?
Answer: If you receive the trim and feel you don’t like the way it looks or do not want to install it for any reason, you have 365 days from when you received the trim to send it back to us for a refund unused.


Thunderbird Rocker Panels
tbird rocker panel chrome trim



Hi, Aaron
My Bird has the wheel-well opening chrome; the rocker panel chrome, and while you can’t see them, the three-piece mat set.

Also, my 2004 T-Bird was selected to be “the money shot” for an upcoming poster/promotion piece for the Downtown Vancouver Association of Vancouver, WA. (America’s Vancouver is just across the lovely Columbia River from Portland, OR.)

I’m sending you some pix from last Friday’s shoot. I’m also a member of the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce and therefore in my own red jacket. In front of the theater, I’m the one kneeling.

Looking forward to either your Father’s Day Sale or the annual 4th of July blow-out!

Best to you and yours,
Paul Dicker

Ford Thunderbird Vancouver, WA

Ford Thunderbird wheel-well chrome
Photos courtesy of Paul Dicker


“Thanks for the quick response. By the way, the bezels and upper trim look awesome on the car. I also ordered the windblocker.”
Frank Reilly (7-11-05)

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