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  • Ford Thunderbird Wind Screen Wind Deflector

Ford Thunderbird Wind Screen Wind Deflector

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T-Bird Windblocker Photos, Testimonials, and Additional Info

The Windblocker is a Lexan® Panel positioned between the seats of your convertible. This essential product blocks the “back-draft” which causes the annoying wind turbulance you feel in the cockpit. This is a very nice luxury addition that adds to your Tbird Wind Deflector experience.


As you drive forward over 25 mph, HIGH PRESSURE AIR flows over the hood, windshield, and top of your Tbird. It blows into the LOW PRESSURE COCKPIT from behind and enters mostly from between the front seats. This reverse gust or “back-draft” wind causes hair tossing in your face and a whistling wind that blows past your ears. This is all right, coming home from the beach or if you always wear a hat, but NOT when you want to look good and feel comfortable (going to work, shopping, out on a date, or going out to a fancy affair.)

The WINDBLOCKER(MG001) blocks the “back-draft” air current between the seats thus minimizing the cockpit turbulance. Since it extends from headrest to headrest, it does not block the side airflow coming over your shoulder or arm. So the OPEN-AIR FEELING is preserved. You can FINE TUNE the air current within the cockpit by adjusting the side windows up partially With the windows all the way up, the cockpit becomes a “cocoon” and you have the World’s Largest Sunroof. You can adjust the temperature to your liking with the heater or air conditioner. The WINDBLOCKER extends your top-down driving season whatever the climate!

Look great, feel comfortable, more often, everywhere!!

Your convertible is much more practical now. You can even tip or easily remove the Windblocker Product to get the gusts again, on the way home from the beach!!

Guaranteed to please!!
Manufactured in the U.S.A.
Dimensions: 39.5″ x 13.5″ x 3/16 thick”

UPDATE: These are now made thicker for better quality of use!!! 3/16″ Thick. Best Windblocker around!




“It’s about 40 degrees out, there is still a foot of snow on the ground and an Arctic wind is blowing. After Installing the Wind Baffle in my convertible, I, wearing a light sweatshirt, have to turn the heat down!!! Never before. Absolutely amazing.It is what you say it is and it installs as easily as you said it would.”
– D. Stock
Windblocker Owner, Alaska

Hi Aaron:
I wanted to tell you that we have enjoyed the wind back draft item I purchased several months ago. It does what you said and my wife will now go more often with the top down.

Joe Harrison 5-19-08

Dear Shawn,
FYI: the Windblocker has arrived, and I have to say, it is magnificent. The pre-summer in the Netherlands is not really warm (only 60 F), and due to this Windblocker, it is possible to drive the TBird.
Thanks again for this great accessory.

Michiel de Haan
Maastricht, The Netherlands 4-6-11

This Thunderbird Windblocker is about as easy as it get’s when it comes to installation. You simply wrap the velcro straps around the headrests. That’s It! You can also move the two seats into different positions because the Lexan glass is flexible.





I purchased one from and I think it really helps with backdraft. I really like it in the winter with top down and windows up. Keeps it toasty.
Bunny at Thunderbird Nest Tbird Club (8-10-09)

Wow, I guess I might be the only one that likes the windblocker/windscreen! I usually don’t have the top down without it, as a matter of fact! It is very effective in reducing cabin noise, and at 70-80 mph, you’ll still want to have a conversation or listen to the stereo, and you can do that pretty well with the windblocker in place. It cuts down on the wind coming in as well. Yeah, I know, it’s a convertible, it’s supposed to have wind, but occasionally, it’s a bit inconvenient (like when my wife decides to rummage through her purse and 50 million little pieces of paper and receipts decide to go airborn). You can always roll the windows down to get the wind effect when you want it.

Additionally, without the windblocker in place, the air conditioner seems to be not as effective in cooling the cabin down. With the windblocker on, the cool air seems to stay in the cabin longer. Here in Alabama, with the temp at 95+ degrees during the summer, that makes a difference in whether I put the top up or not during the hotter part of the day.

Overall, I like the windblocker. I don’t think it’s ugly; seems to add a “sporty” look as far as I am concerned, and it’s effective in doing what it’s designed to do. Just my opinion, of course.

Steve, since you’re local to me, if you want to get together during lunchtime this week and take a look at mine, let me know.
-bobby at Thunderbird Nest Tbird Club (8-10-09)

I also bought one, from TB Concepts, used once….I couldn’t tell any difference, returned and received a full refund….. -Bobbi an Lloyd at Thunderbird Nest Tbird Club (8-10-09)

I got the one from Thunderbird Concepts and it won’t damage your TBird. It straps to the headrests with velcro straps. I like it on our cold New England mornings and works well with both windows up keeping you warm with the heated seats and almost draft free. However, on the downside you probably will feel vibrations on your seats. With this vibration I have noticed some wear marks on the velcro windscreen where it rubs on the headrests, but I still like the windscreen. This is my findings.
Richard at Thunderbird Nest Tbird Club (8-10-09)

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