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  • Tbird Front Mats
  • Tbird Front Mats
  • Tbird Front Mats
  • Tbird Front Mats
  • Tbird Front Mats
  • Tbird Front Mats

Thunderbird Front Mats, All Black Color

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T-Bird Front Mats Photos, Testimonials and Additional Info

These Ford Thunderbird Tbird Mats protect your Tbird from the normal wear and tear from the every day use. These Ford Thunderbird fitted mats will help retain your Tbird’s value. These mats are a hot seller because these mats are custom fit just like the OEM Tbird mats.

Ford Thunderbird Front Mats

Ford Thunderbird Front Floor Mats

OEM Thunderbird Front Mats



Hi, Aaron
My Bird has the wheel-well opening chrome; the rocker panel chrome, and while you can’t see them, the three-piece mat set.

Also, my 2004 T-Bird was selected to be “the money shot” for an upcoming poster/promotion piece for the Downtown Vancouver Association of Vancouver, WA. (America’s Vancouver is just across the lovely Columbia River from Portland, OR.)

I’m sending you some pix from last Friday’s shoot. I’m also a member of the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce and therefore in my own red jacket. In front of the theater, I’m the one kneeling.

Looking forward to either your Father’s Day Sale or the annual 4th of July blow-out!

Best to you and yours,
Paul Dicker

Ford Thunderbird Vancouver, WA

Ford Thunderbird wheel-well chrome
Photos courtesy of Paul Dicker


Hi Aaron,
I received your parcel today. I was very impressed about the quality of the front mats. Much more better and beautiful compare to the original. No comparison.
I am very happy up to now about the quality of your goods that you are providing to your Tbird customers and to me.
I received also the dash kit urban metal in an excellent condition. The packaging is excellent. No damage from California to Québec in Canada. You are providing a very good service to your customers.
Sorry about my bad English.
Thanks and Regards,

Alain in Canada 8-26-10

I personally feel this is a great product to protect the factory carpet from fading from the sun exposure while the top is down. Glad to see it matches my floor mats and trunk mat.

Ken Scribner 10-27-11

I received the rear deck mat today and it looks great!

Gene Ledbetter 11-5-11

Just received the T-Bird Logo mats & wow what quality, they look great. Think I’ll put my originals away & use these. Thanks,

Garry & Arlene Johnson, Missouri (6-6-06)

“I just received the mats. They are great. Not only are they much more plush than the originals, they fit better as well. Congrats on offering a great product,”
Joe C. (10-10-07)

“The T-Bird logo floor mats arrived and are great. They fill out the floor area much better than the originals do as they are shaped completely to the car. The Thunderbird logos look fantastic too.
Kind regards,

Allan Yeager. Ida Grove, Iowa (5-3-11)
(You may use my comments on your website if you like.)

Hi Aaron!
Just dropping a line to let you know I received all my mats and just LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!! I should have made this purchase a LONG TIME AGO!
Thank You for keeping me informed on the latest and greatest things for the T-Bird!
Most Graciously,

Joyce 11-8-11

Thank You Aaron,
I have received the front mats & they are simply the best. I arleady showed to another retro owner.

Henry Levan 11-12-11

Thank you Aaron,
Received my “floor mats” yesterday on the 14th.. They are just like I thought they would be and match my car exactly!!! Thank you again and you will be getting more orders from me…Merry Christmas!!!

Carol George. 12-15-11

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