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  • Mp3 adapter kit for Tbird.

Mp3 adapter kit for Tbird

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T-Bird Mp3 Player Adapter Kit Photos and Additional Info

Ford Thunderbird Mp3 auxilary plug player that adapts to the stock Tbird stereo.
Finally! We have all suffered too long with radio commercials, repeated songs, and CD’s that seam to sit in the disk changer for years at a time. We are at a new age of music technology. It’s time to adapt our own mp3 player for the perfect playlist of music, that will set the perfect mood while driving.

We are happy to introduce this very simple and effective mp3 adapter for our cherished tbirds!!!

We do suggest that you have a professional stereo installation shop install this for you. Although, if you are handy, you can very easily install this yourself. All you do is pop off the center console, attach the plug into your existing thunderbird stereo’s antenna. Very very simple. Then, you hook up the power source wire. After that, you will either use 1 of the 2 options for the auxilary plug adapter. See pictures below. It’s really quite simple. You can do this in a couple hours on a Saturday morning. But, you might want to simply hand over the installation to your local stereo installation shop for $100 or so. Comes complete with all wiring and installation instructions.

Overall, you are going to be so very pleased having the capability of listening to your own playlists.

Why Buy our Tbird Mp3 player adapter?

  1. It’s turn key specifically developed for your thunderbird stereo. Don’t fuss with a universal adaptor.
  2. We provide custom pop out panel tools to make the job quick and easy.
  3. All connectors are in place.
  4. No need to modify the unit to adapt.
  5. Specific full pictures of a Tbird installation. This makes it easy to install yourself because we have learned the hard way how to install this into the existing thunderbird stereo system. We have incorporated all the custom adapter and brackets to make it install worry-free.
  6. Fitment of adaptors are fully tested and positioned correctly for optimal stereo sound.
  7. XMP3 500 modulator box comes with custom designed Tbird Elecctronic Configuration Boot. You won’t find this on other mp3 adaptors.

mp3 adapter for thunderbird

Two Installation Options for this mp3 adapter auxilary plug!

As you can see in the photo above, we chose to install the plugs by drilling two holes into the dash next to the heated seats. For those of you that do not want to do a custom install like this, you may choose the 3m tape backing adhesive plug console that you see in option 2. No modification to your tbird is needed in option 2! We know that we will use the mp3 player connector forever, therefore, we wanted more of a “factory OEM” look. As you can see, it looks like it came stock with the Tbird. So, you wil need to decide for yourself which option is better for you. Of course, option 2 is a lot easier. But, if you can drill two steady holes, and are ok with doing that to your tbird dash, option 1 gives it more of a factory professional adapter look. Both options are the same price.

Here is a better look at option 1 placement:

mp3 adapter plug in auxilary for thunderbird

iphone mp3 player adapter kit for thunderbird

mp3 adapter connection kit for thunderbird



Hi, Aaron,
“Spring is finally settling in to the Northeast, and I am getting antsy to take the hard top off my Bird! Soon enough.

I recently had the MP-3 player system installed in my Bird, and I am so glad I did! I had my local Ford dealership service dept install it, and believe me, it was the talk of the garage! I had so many workers ask me about it and where did I get it; one lady was hoping she could get something similar for her older model Ford (not a Thunderbird). I did give her your website info to investigate. The system works GREAT and will be such a help to me in the summer when I cannot get the radio I like and I always try to stream from my iPhone. This WILL work!! And I can enjoy my iPod playlists much easier as well.

Thank you for offering this particular product which gives such pleasure to an already fantastic ride!”

Elaine G.

Hey guys!
I just wanted you to know that I have had installed multiple performance parts in my red 2003 T-Bird, Premium Edition. I had the TBC Cold Air Intake, Borla Exhaust, and Performance Chip kit installed this week. And, the car runs and sounds absolutely splendidly. I can easily feel that the acceleration power is much greater than before (much greater torque) and the power on the highway and interstate is phenomenal (greater horsepower). And, to top that, the sound is incredible between the TCB Cold Air Intake and the Borla Exhaust system. I think that these performance additions make this car perform and sound the way it was meant to be. So, many thanks from Virginia for excellent products and the advice I received via telephone. Just so you know, I also have installed your MP3 Adaptor kit, which is absolutely wonderful, as well as the trunk mat, rear license plate frame, and sun visors for the windshield. Currently, I am waiting on the front floor mats, which were on back order. My next project in the near future is to order the Caliper covers in red as well as the Billet front-end grill. Again, many thanks to Thunderbird Concepts and the people that manage it. Cheers! Alex

Alexander B. Goulart



Question and Answer

Dear Aaron,

We are retired and just purchased an 02 T-Bird and love it and have been
very impressed with your company and it’s products. My Question is about
the MP3 kit you offer.

1. Once everything is installed how exactly does this thing work?

Answer: All you do is hit the red button on and tune your radio to station 87.9. That’s it!
2. I see that there is what appears to be an off on switch to the left so if you
could give me a step by step on how to turn on the radio so it excepts
the signal from the MP3 player.

Answer: Yes, you are correct, there is a red on and off button. Just hit it to on postion and it lights up to let you know it’s on.

3. In the picture it shows what appears to be an I phone or an MP3 player what is this and does it come with the
kit ? I have several MP3 players and i assume they should all play thru your kit.

Answer: This custom designed Mp3 adaptor kit comes with an auxilary cable that you will plug INTO your personal Mp3 music player. Our kit does not come with a Mp3 player.


Thanks for your help and keep up the good work.

Harry McKnight



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