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  • Tbird KN Air Filter Re-Charge Kit

Tbird KN Air Filter Re-Charge Kit

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T-Bird K&N Air Filter Testimonials and Additional Info

Chassis 3.9L, V8, Gas, MFI, VIN “A” – Ford Thunderbird 2002 2003 2004 2005 Note: If you are purchasing the “Typhoon Cold Air Intake”, you do not need this air filter

High Flow Air Filter, Washable, Reusable Filter Lasts Longer, Increases Power, Increases Fuel Milage, More Economical, Easy To Install, Million Mile Manufacturers Warranty, Panel; Height 0.875″; Length 6.563″; Width 12.375″.

Questions From Our Valued Customers
Hello, My question is about the cold air intake offered on your site. Does this replace the regular air filter? If so I would buy it just for the reason that I have not been able to change the air filter in my Tbird. It is really wedged in there & can’t figure how to get cover off, will probably ask shop to do it.

Arlene Koszyk

Hi Arlene,
There are two engine options with different air intakes on the Ford Thunderbird; the 2002 tbird engine and the 2003-05 tbird engine. They are a little different in the engine layout and engine performance and size.
There is a cold air intake for both year specifications 2002 and 2003-2005. So, if you were to get the “cold air intake” system, make sure that you select the correct part that corresponds with your tbird’s year.

The “cold air intake” replaces the whole “intake” system. This consists of the tube with air filter.

There is also just the “air filter” replacement; . This will replace just the filter and not the whole cold air intake system. To replace the stock Ford Thunderbird air filter simply unlatch the top of the air filter box take out the old filter for disposal and replace with the new air filter.

I suggest the whole “cold air intake” system here; It makes a difference in that it lets your engine “breathe” thus giving it more horsepower and performance.

This part comes with complete installation instructions. I hope this helps!
Thank you,
Aaron Scott, ceo

“Thanks for the quick response. By the way, the bezels and upper trim look awesome on the car. I also ordered the wind screen.”
Frank Reilly. (7-11-05)


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