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  • Ford Thunderbird Hardboot and Continental Kit
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  • Thunderbird Hardboot Tonneau
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  • Ford Thunderbird Hardboot and Continental Kit
  • Thunderbird Concepts Hardboot on the Office Wall

Thunderbird Hardboot Tonneau

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T-Bird Hardboot Photos, Testimonials and Additional Info

What is the Ford Thunderbird Hardboot?
An original Retrobird Concepts product, this Ford Thunderbird Hardboot is a fun and exciting accessory that really ads the finishing touch to your Ford Thunderbird. First to hit the market with a Hardboot tonneau that splits into two pieces, this Ford Thunderbird hardboot tonneau fits conveniently in the trunk and also comes with custom made slip covers that help protect each piece while stored in the Ford Thunderbird’s trunk. This Ford Thunderbird hardboot tonneau is secured down by a 300 lb tested safety strap, thus requiring no modification to your cherished Ford Thunderbird . The concept was designed with the theory of “less is more” and simply accents the Ford Thunderbird’s soft lines and contours.

Why the Ford Thunderbird Hardboot from Retrobird Concepts?
Because we are the innovators of this product. We are the first! But, more importantly, you DO NOT HAVE TO MODIFY YOUR TBIRD! This is a very important factor. Your Tbird is a collector’s item and you should not have to modify your Tbird in any way that will decrease the value. This Hardboot will add value!

Why the Ford Thunderbird Hardboot?
Because only a very few people have it. Well, that’s not the only reason but it’s a good one. It’s nice to have a fun and unique product that brings the “wow, where did you get that?” expression from friends and colleagues. This Ford Thunderbird Hardboot Tonneau is custom designed and only available here at Retrobird Concepts. It was designed for function as well as style. This Hardboot is to be painted to look like part of the Tbirds original design thus giving your Tbird a more elegant and luxurious look.

*Comes sanded and prepared for your local painter to match your Ford Thunderbird’s color. Here are the paint codes for your Ford Thunderbird.

*Read about how Retrobird Concepts conceptualized this Roadster Hardboot Tonneau product. Click here

*Made by hand of fiberglass material.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Prior to having it painted, if it does not fit correctly or if I have any problems, can I send it back and get a full refund?
Answer: Fortunately, we have never had a return since we designed the two-piece Hardboot! To answer the question though….Yes, you can return it to us, but you would have to pay the shipping costs to send it back and that is around $69.00 and it would have to be unpainted of course.

Question: Do you need to use the existing boot snaps for the top.
Answer: No, the Two-Piece Hardboot has it’s own custom design that does not require you to use the existing boot snaps.

Question: Are there any modifications I need to do.
Answer: None!

Question: What is it made of?
Answer: Hand-Laid Fiberglass.

Question: How much does each side weigh?
Answer: Each piece weighs approximately 9 pounds.

Question: Does it come with a cover so when stored in the trunk it will not become scratched?
Answer: We have custom slip bags made for each side of the Hardboot for damage free storage in the trunk.

Question: If I order the top, how long will it take to be delivered. I live in Holland, OH 43528.
Answer: We ship the Hardboot’s out via UPS Ground and it would take 5 business days for delivery from here in California to Ohio.

Ford Thunderbird Hardboot Installation

The Hardboot Tonneau was designed for easy installation without having to drill into your Thunderbird.
1) The rear “Under Hooks” slide under the rear quarter panel to secure the back end of your Hardboot.
2) The split in the middle has a latch in the underside of the front section of the Hardboot that holds the pieces together.
3) The front is securely held down with a safety strap.
For complete step by step detailed instructions with photos CLICK HERE



“I just received the Roadster Tonneau top yesterday and I think it’s just beautiful!!! I was driving around and a girl stopped me and said, “that is one sexy car”. Looks from all around. I can’t wait to get in the car and drive around. You’ve done a great job Retrobird Concepts!”
Dale Dougherty 2-14-2002

(Note on Dale’s testimonial: Dale was one of our first Roadster Tonneau purchases. We had a heck of a time working out the bugs, on the interm, on this first of it’s kind, innovative, and functional Roadster Tonneau product addition, for the Tbird. He stuck by us with the 3 month delay in the interm of the product, and we stuck by him. It was a test for both of us, and the outcome turned out positive, and fun. We are very proud of this. Looking back on this, It was almost like a test to see if Retrobird Concepts would ever cease to exist. We passed the test when it could of been so easy to just give up and drop the ball. This was our very first product and I’m glad we were put to the test. It has formed the foundation of what Retrobird Concepts is today…. Always stand by the customer and treat them with respect as a friend and a client. So, just in case you were wondering, that’s the story behind Dale’s testimonial! Sincerely, Aaron Scott, Owner.)

Hi Aaron: Just a note to let you know I appreciate all your help. It’s great to know you care about your customers. I always enjoy ordering from your company. Again Thanks. Dennis 9-10-2009″

“Hello Aaron,
Just a note of thanks for the help in making my wife Lucy’s Valentine day spectacular. The tonneau’s are fantastic and look great. Lucy was very surprised and wanted to drive the Bird right away. As discussed earlier, the Bird was a surprise on Valentine’s day in 2004. Now the tonneau’s for the surprise this year. Attached are some pics. I have larger images pixel wise if you need them.
Again thanks,”
John Koitsch February 2008

surprise tbird present
tbird tonneau present
tbird tonneau roadster
thunderbird tonneau rear
thunderbird tonneau driving
tbird driving
tonneau tbird side

Thanks again John. This was a great positive fun experience for us as well. We are glad that the day turned out to be so perfect!


John just sent in this email message;

Good day from Florida and how are you? Great here. Received the newsletter and your write up with pics are fantastic. We here are very pleased, especially Lucy. I am glad that we could share this business experience together. Thank you very much.
Again, thanks.
John Koitsch 2008


Hi Aaron,
This brings back such good memories for Lucy and I. It was so trying to get the tonneau’s on in the garage and then back it out without her knowing.
Again thanks for all you did on your end of this great story, for all to share.
John Koitsch 2009


Greg Hlinka’s Custom Thunderbird

One of our valued customers, Greg Hlinka, has customized his beloved Tbird with Retrobird Concepts accessories including the Roadster Tonneau, White Wall Tires, Continental Kit (now discontinued), Borla Exhaust, Hood scoop, Thunderbird License Frame…just to name a few.

White Tbird with tonneau cover
Tbird hard tonneau
White Thunderbird with roadster hard tonneau

Hello Aaron,
As you may recall, I was one of your original Roadster Tonneau customers. I bought mine from you during January, 2005. Still looks beautiful, and I’m still enjoying it, and all of the compliments that I have received over the past 7 years! Thanks, Aaron…

Greg Hlinka, December 2012


Another one of our valued customers, Grady Burrow, has sent us pictures of his Thunderbird with the Whitewall Tires and Hardboot.

Thunderbird white wall tires and Tbird roadster tonneau
Thunderbird white walls
Tbird white wall tires and Thunderbird hard tonneau
Tbird hard tonneau
Tbird tonneau


“Just wanted to give you a final update and comments on the roadster tonneau cover. I received the tonneau cover on schedule and in perfect condition. I immediately took it to the painter, who completed the work in three days and did a fantastic job. It is now on my Tbird and I am cruising.
Keep up the good work and happy Tbirding.”
Leon W. (Waynsboro, VA)

Here are some more pictures from one of our valued customers, Peter Lepir. He has the The Grille and the Hardboot.

Ford Thunderbird with Roadster Tonneau
Ford Tbird Roadster Tonneau - Peter Lepir
Ford Thunderbird Roadster Tonneau - Peter Lepir

Peter’s testimonial:

“Aaron- the tonneau came out fantastic. The guys at the Ford dealership did a great job on the painting. When I picked it up this morning, they gathered round to see what it looked like on the car. ” Sweet ride” they said. So now with the grill and tonneau, I’m starting to get the car like I want it to be. Thanks for the quality piece and extra effort during the order process. By the way, I saw the 4th of July picture on the web-site. Cool, thanks.”
Peter L. (July 26th 2007)


Pictured below is one of our valued customers, Bjorn from Sweden.

tbird side accent trim
tbird rear
tbird front view
Bjorn’s wife, Agneta

Bjorn’s testimonial:

Hi Aaron, I talked to my “paintshop” today, and they say the tonneu is made in a very good quality. And I´m happy. Have a nice weekend. Soon the snow is melting in Sweden / Björn
Björn Ljungquist, Göteborg (4-4-08)


tbird tonneau
tbird roadster tonneau
fiberglass hard boot for thunderbird

Here are pictures of the finished Tonneau Cover. It really turns heads of all ages. Mostly coments like “what kind of car is that?”. Thanks again! Have a great weekend.
Ray Saiter

hardtonneau by alex
hard boot for tbird from alex


I just finished with my new Tbird Roadster Tonneau. The main thing you have not mentioned about your roadster tonneau is how good it works at highway speeds, the sound is less than it was before! I am very happy with the complete unit.
Alex Alexander 5-28-11

Received my hard tonneau on monday 3/7/11, and I just picked up my bird today from the paint shop where I had my Tonneau painted. They looked great on the way home you could see people checking them out on my way home. Thanks for the fast shipping. I’m very well pleased with my hard tonneau.
Marvin Goddard


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Money Back Guaranteed

If you aren’t satisfied for any reason, or our product doesn’t live up to your expectations, just return the product, and we’ll refund you payment.

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