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  • Tbird Trunkrack
  • Thunderbird Trunk Rack
  • Thunderbird Trunk Rack
  • Tbird Trunk Rack
  • Thunderbird Trunk Rack
  • Thunderbird Trunk Rack
  • Thunderbird Trunk Rack
  • Thunderbird Trunk Rack
  • Tbird Trunkrack
  • Thunderbird Trunk Rack
  • Thunderbird Trunk Rack
  • Tbird Trunk Rack
  • Thunderbird Trunk Rack
  • Thunderbird Trunk Rack
  • Thunderbird Trunk Rack
  • Thunderbird Trunk Rack

Thunderbird Trunk Rack

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T-Bird Trunk Rack Photos, Testimonials and Additional Info

Finally, more storage space options!

This new Tbird Trunk Rack was designed with the help and feedback from you, the fellow Thunderbird Concepts Newsletter subscriber. We listened to everyone’s suggestions and have reached the “happy medium” with design, look, and function.

Notice in the picture to the right how the rack sits low as to flow with the Tbird’s Design. This was a brilliant suggestion that we incorporated with the design from another Thunderbird Concepts Newsletter Subscriber, Allen.

Thanks again Allen! I think that this design suggestion is the single most contributing factor in why this new Trunk Rack looks like it’s factory from Ford. It blends into the Tbird’s existing design.

Also, look at how the rack is big enough to hold and store the Spare Tire thus giving you the options to create more storage space in the trunk. This was a brilliant suggestion from a fellow Tbirder, Charles Aaron. This serves an excellent function in that it allows you to store your luggage or other items in the trunk. This keeps your luggage safe from weather conditions such as rain, snow, or harmful UV rays.

Back to the design. We took in many considerations when designing this Trunk Rack. What is the perfect size? Will the size of the rack fit the Spare Tire and still suit the design and look of the Tbird. Yes and Yes.

We wanted to capture overall function with design and I think we reached a very “happy conclusion”. Notice how the rack center-piece tapers towards the rear. We accomplished this by simply accenting the rear, tail light, body styling line. (see in the picture to the right). Also, we kept the height at a perfect 4 inches tall to look nice, as well as, perform well and allow you to open the trunk with the rack still attached.

The attachment brackets are custom designed hardware that has a beautiful reflective Stainless Steel finish. The attachment brackets are simply a wrap-around hook with a rubber gasket on the inside of the hook to protect your Tbirds paint. We also included a secure and simple lock-nut and socket bolt application to hold the attachment brackets secure so that it will not “vibrate” the bolt loose and disconnect from your Tbird. All you do is tighten the socket bolt into place. That’s it! A very simple installation.

No modification to your Tbird is necessary. This is a completely removable Tbird Trunk Rack. It also comes with two 1000 pound capacity safety straps. Everything has been thought out carefully to insure that the Trunk Rack is functional, stylish, and safe.


trunk rack rear view
Notice the width of the top of the rack and how nice it tapers-in with the style lines of the taillights. Also, notice how the top of the racks width tapers towards the black license frame section. Just beautiful!

trunk rack suitcase holder
The Trunk Rack is built to hold the large travel bag weighing up to 50 pounds.trunk rack with spare tire
You can strap the spare tire on and then cover up the strapping with the tire cover. This rack holds the 30 pound spare tire with ease. Thank you Charles Aaron for suggesting that we design the rack to fit the spare tire.trunk rack low profile view
The low-profile flows with the look of the Tbird!


storage space in trunk
Look at how much storage space this opens up if you use the Trunk Rack to store the Spare Tire!



Thunderbird Concepts Trunk Rack Warranty


From The Desk Of Aaron Scott, Owner.
Dear Fellow Tbirder,

When I was doing the photo shoot for this new Trunk Rack, a jogger told me that the Trunk Rack looks like “car jewelry”. This was such a simple comment at the time, but she really summed up the whole look down to two words. If I were to describe the look of this new Tbird Trunk Rack, I would also say that it looks like “car jewelry”. I love the way it gives the Tbird a classic, luxurious style. This new accessory simply accentuates the Tbirds style! Not only does this trunk rack create a solution to a problem we all have, it looks luxurious, as well. Not one day goes by that I don’t do a second glance at this new Trunk Rack on my Tbird. I took it off a couple times and the Tbird just doesn’t look right without it…. and, others tend to think so as well.

I am proud to announce the debut of this much anticipated new product; the Tbird Trunk Rack. This new Tbird Trunk Rack is a collaboration of all the Thunderbird Concepts Newsletter Subscribers idea’s and suggestions. I am confident and happy to say “We all came up with a perfect solution to a problem that we all have; NOT ENOUGH STORAGE SPACE.”

The Tbird is such a fun car to not make it more of a daily driver. And, right now it’s not as much of a daily driver as it should be for me. Every time I have to use my truck to haul something small that a Trunk Rack can hold, I am disappointed that I am not driving my Tbird instead. There is a big difference in the two. The Tbird is such a fun and exciting vehicle to drive. This new Trunk Rack enables me to use it much more now… and hopefully you too!

This new Trunk Rack is incredible… so incredible, that I almost don’t even care that it will hold the spare tire or luggage. It really sets the luxurious look off to another higher level.

The funny thing about this whole project is that myself and other Tbirder’s (the Thunderbird Concepts Newsletter Subscribers inner circle) originally designed this product to solve a problem with the Tbird; Not enough storage space to work as an everyday functional vehicle. But, it turned out to be so much more than that. Not only did the design and look come out way better than I had imagined, there is another function it can serve that I never thought of until Larry, another Tbird Newsletter Subscriber from Sacramento California, suggested;

“The Trunk Rack can also be a life saver if you have a blow out. As you know, the tire and wheel you remove from the Tbird will not fit in the trunk. This means that the passenger will have to wait beside the road until you return. GREAT idea.
Larry, Location: Sacramento Ca”

Think about that for a minute… wow, that is a really great point. I could not imagine leaving my wife on the side of the road. Finally, you can now strap those odd bulky items to the trunk (including that flat tire… oh you thought I was going to say my wife…. no, no. Although, it kind of sounds like I just said that 🙂

Another example that happens to me often is when you find that rare household item across town. I don’t want to drive back home to grab the truck or even worse; try to coordinate with a friend that has a truck. Or, just recently, driving to the airport to pick up a friend and having absolutely no space to put the luggage. (this is the worse of them all… I use to have a picture of a friend in the passenger seat with her big airport bag in her lap…. pretty funny to view, but she was not that happy with it after 10 minutes of driving)

I have included some more details and pictures below. You will also learn that this Trunk Rack is not only for good looks, but serves a valuable function as well…. MORE storage space and options!

Be sure to read further down the page to discover the Bonus items that are being offered with this new Trunk Rack. I love to put a little excitement into product promotions! I have been very honored to receive all the positive feedback thus far, and even more, I anticipate your reactions and feedback, once you have received your new Trunk Rack. I have delivered hundreds of these Trunk Racks to our customers already and have not received one bad comment…. they have been more than positive.

Thank you and Happy Tbirding
Thunderbird Concepts CEO Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott


The Manufacturing Process

tbird trunk rack manufactured in the USAThis is the boring technical stuff, but is good to know.
Quality is number one here. Our Machine Shop has the know-how and the accomplishments to back it up from designing and manufacturing Boeing Jet parts to manufacturing Vehicle Racks.
The welds are all TIG Arc Welded (tungsten inert gas), which gives you the strongest weld on the market. Also, we are using Stainless Steel so that your Trunk Rack will never rust. All the bends are done by CNC (computer numerical control) machining for a perfect computer numerically controlled bend every time. We have also built strong jigs to insure that every rack comes out exactly the same. And, to put the icing on the cake, we are having the footings CNC lathed to give the transition of the foot to the bar a perfect contoured blend.
Everything is computer aided drafted, engineered, and machined for perfection. This is a work of art!

See more pictures on how we did the Trunk Rack Manufacturing Process in the USA



tbird trunk rack 1
tbird trunk rack side view
tbird trunk rack sunset

This New Trunk Rack looks like it’s a factory-issued part. Who would of know that a bunch of Tbirder’s could have coordinated together to come up with a design that looks so perfect and actually compliments the Tbird.

tbird trunk rack sunset upclose

We also designed this rack to sit low, from the suggestion of a fellow Thunderbird Concepts Newsletter Subscriber; Allen. Allen informed me that he did not like how the other racks on the market, sit high above the trunk lid. I couldn’t agree with Allen more. I agree that this rack would have to compliment the Tbird’s design by sitting at a low profile and also have the right width to fit the large deck lid area to look perfect. Oh, and perfect is an understatement with this item!

tbird trunk rack attachment

No Drilling or Modification required! Simple, quick, and safe. The trunk opens perfectly while the Trunk Rack is attached. There is a dense rubber pad underneath the footings to prevent any scratching or denting. Also, the hook tabs have an inner rubber gasket to protect your Tbird’s paint. This design function was a suggestion from a few fellow Thunderbird Concepts Newsletter Subscribers. We listened and went the extra mile to make it perfect. Thanks to their comments below:

“Aaron, The rack is a good idea, and the idea of using it to store your spare, making room for locked-up luggage is good (unless a spare replacement cost more than what you have in the luggage).I do recommend that the attachment be quickly removable when the trunk lid is open. No use exposing it to weather and rust when not used. Holes in the rear deck are not acceptable, though.”
Steve Laifman, Location: West Hills, CA

“Hey there Aaron! The spare tire trunk rack is a fantastic idea. We love it! Thanks!”
Larry & Janice Palmer, Location: Odessa, TX

“Hello Aaron, I wanted to thank you for the luggage rack I received on Friday, invoice #10220 I just put it on and looks like it is going to work out perfectly!”
Gary Trevor, Santa Barbara CA

tbird trunk rack rear

Notice how the sides of the rack taper-in with the tail light style line and then point down towards the license framed black section; this rack was designed to flow with the Tbird’s style lines!

thunderbird trunk rack view

This new Tbird Trunk Rack is a collaboration of all the Thunderbird Concepts Newsletter Subscribers’ ideas and suggestions. I am confident and happy to say “We all came up with a perfect solution to a problem that we all have – NOT ENOUGH STORAGE SPACE.” Now we can take the Thunderbird Concepts Mascot, “the bear”, with us on more road trips!



Trunk Rack Installation is a Breeze! Watch the Video Below to see…



Attached are pictures of my bird. If you will notice I have just about all your products or a lot of them. I love the rack and thanks for the hat and luggage tag.”

-Ray SaiterTrunk rack has arrived one day early. You can see that quality was job one in the product. Everything looks perfect. Will be installing it in the morning.
Thanks Arron it was worth the wait!



“I’m very pleased with the look! Extra luggage – not so sure Frits – I just might do more shopping in Wilmington!”
-Elle and Charley White


The much anticipated trunk rack arrived about half an hour ago. After unpacking, inspecting and smiling, I must say WELL DONE!! Instructions are clear and concise and once I clean the ‘bird (it was out in some weather the other day) I’ll get it mounted and then send along some photos.
Thanks again to you and the shop crew for a job well done.”

-Bruce Lewis


“I just finished putting a Rack on my friends car and It looked great. Did it yesterday and took me about 10 minutes.”
-Jim Vitatoe


Just got my trunk rack today. I looks great. The quality and looks are even better than I expected”

-Ed Clement


Well I just got mine too and have it installed. Looks good, just what Aaron promised. Found the installation guide in with the packing slip after I got it installed but managed to get it right. One thing I did was use some white lithium grease on the clips and bolts, also cleaned and wire brushed the treads as they worked kind of hard at first…just fine with a little grease.
Thanks Aaron, great job.

-Gary Flesche trunk rack
Ray’s Tbird trunk rack
Elle and Charley’s Tbird trunk rack from gary
Gary’s Tbird

Thought you might like to hear this. My local dealer service guys thought I bought your Trunk Rack through their parts department. They were really surprised when I told them it was not an OEM ford accesory. Great design…

Joel K, Milford MA”

Hi Aaron,
“The racks got plenty of good comments while at TBN’s Choo Choo Thunder Event last week. There were several cars there with them on. You might get an order or two out of it. My husband is not really one for adding accessories to our cars but he really likes the look of the rack on the car even if we haven’t needed to use it.”

Dot L, Texas

Thank you for all your efforts on making this Luggage Rack a reality. The workmanship and Quality, and Fit are unsurpassed. I am so very happy with the look it gives my Neiman Marcus. I did kind of a pictoral installation over on TBN. But anyway, Once again you have solidified your place in the Retro Thunderbird Aftermarket world. This is my third RetroBird, and ALL Three, have had additions by YOU.
Anyway, once again a BIG Thank You.
Attached are a few photo’s.

Dave Rice (2-15-09)

Finally got around to putting the luggage rack on my T-Bird — didn’t trust my non-mechnical abilities to do it myself – so had my body-work man do it — came out great – got a few bungee cords from Pep Boys and used it to transport a piece of luggage to my home – worked like a charm — I had to get a bulb replaced a couple of days ago and took it in to Buerge Ford — the service guys stood around ohh-ing and ahhing over the rack!! Regards
Bert L. Rogal 1-28-11

Hello Aaron,
Just wanted you to know that I had purchased one of the trunk racks. A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I went to California in the T-Bird. We live in Tucson, Arizona. We packed our golf clubs in a travel bag and used straps to locate it on the trunk rack. It worked great. There was no vibration or noise even at high interstate speeds. The use of the trunk rack allowed for plenty of room in the trunk for all travel needs. Looks great on the car and I leave it on there all the time. I think the next project should be portholes for the convertible top. Thanks.

Richard B. (5-1-09)

tbird tonneau
ford thunderbird trunk rack

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