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  • Tbird Top Door Trim Premium
  • Top Door Trim “PREMIUM” version.
  • Tbird Top Door Trim Premium
  • Top Door Trim “PREMIUM” version.

Top Door Trim “PREMIUM” version.

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T-Bird Premium Top Door Trim Photos, Testimonials and Additional Info

Premium Top Door Trim:
The Premium Top Door Trim is a longer version of the top door trim that extends past the side mirror and matches the Sail Panel chrome around the windshield as opposed to the “Standard Hardtop Protection Trim” that stops at the mirror. Also, it gives the Tbird a more luxurious look.

We originally re-designed the “Standard Hardtop Protection Trim” only because we wanted it to match up better with the “Top Door Trim” and to cover up an existing scratch one of our customers had on his Tbird. But, after we saw it on our Tbird, we did notice that the universal 3/4″ width does give it even more of a premium look and it flows very nice with the new “Premium Top Door Trim”. Another great feature is that it covers more area of your reardeck, thus protecting it even more from the normal wear and tear your hardtop will cause over time. Although, we have not seen that ourselves with our Tbird, some other Tbirder’s, who found out about the Hardtop Protection Trim after their paint was damaged, stated that the “Standard Hardtop Protection Trim” did not cover their existing scratches completely. That is what happened to Orville Dash in the picture below. This is why we decided that it was time to do another version of the “Standard Hardtop Protection Trim” and make it wider so that it would cover up his existing, scratch marks from his hardtop, as well as, flow better into the Top Door Trim. I’m so glad that I did not disregard his email to me when he told me that our “Standard Hardtop Protection Trim” did not cover his existing, rear deck scratches, completely. We listen to our friends/customers, and, we worked together with Orville with his scenario, to create this new fun and luxurious product. Not only does it compliment the Top Door Trim a lot better now, it solves another problem; it covers up existing scratches better. I just love it when these kind of things “just happen”. Yes, we love what we do…. and, I guarantee you will love this product. This is the part where I say “or your money-back”. Well, Yes, that too! This product is a winner.

Happy Tbirding,
Thunderbird Concepts CEO Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott


orville dash's tbird with the cockpit trim package

customer tbird with cockpit package orville dash!
Pictured here is valued customer, Orville Dash, whom collaborated with us to make this Cockpit Trim Package happen

side of top door trim by orville dash

Standard Shorter Version Top Door Trim
standard TOP DOOR TRIM

Premium Longer Version Top Door Trim

Notice that this Premium Top Door Trim is different because it extends past the side mirror and matches the Sail Panel chrome around the windshield. It’s this subtle change with this Premium version of the Top Door Trim that makes a world of difference.

We have re-designed a new version of the “Premium Hardtop Protection Trim” to match up perfectly with “Premium Top Door Trim”. This package is called the “Cockpit Trim Package” that you see together with this “Premium Top Door Trim” (See pictures below). You can purchase the Premium Top Door Trim with the package or by itself (Save over $100 by buying them together in this package!)

top door trim for thunderbird
Cockpit Trim Package

new top door trim for thunderbird
Cockpit Trim Package

Full 3M Acrylic Foam Backing for permanent adhesion.
3M will hold for a lifetime without causing any damage to the surface of the car.
Installation instructions are enclosed with the package.
No special tools needed.
Clean and prep the surface. Peel off the self-adhesive backing and apply to the surface.
Installation takes no more then several minutes.

Ford Thunderbird Top Door Trim – Installation Video

This Ford Thunderbird Hardtop trim is the hottest of the hot items here. The reason it’s so hot is because it protects your Thunderbirds rear decks paint from the rubbing of the Hardtop. This was a flaw in the Tbirds design, unfortunately. This Thunderbird Hardtop Trim eliminates the noise rattle of the hardtop and the scratches all while giving it a premium look. Big thumbs up to the Thunderbird Hardtop Protection Trim!

The Ford Thunderbird rear deck hardtop protection trim is as beneficial as it is stylish. This stainless steel strip protects the deck from a manufacturer defect that causes the hard top to scratch the paint as well as rattle. This item is sold as 3 pieces and will add elegance to your Ford Thunderbird as well as protect your investment. This replaces the need for Ford’s OEM mylar tape they suggest to eliminate the Hardtop from scratching your Tbird.

First and foremost, we guarantee that if you have any problems with this Rear Deck Protection trim, that we will send you a replacement piece… and Second, These are manufactured with CNC Water Jet cutting precision. This ensures that their are NO burn marks in your Stainless Steel Trim. Everyone else uses CNC Laser cutting with Stainless Steel and that leaves burn holes where the cutting starts. Although, the tiny 1/16″ burn holes are not that noticeable, you will be better off with the Thunderbird Concepts CNC Water Jetted Stainless Steel that has NO burn holes in the finished product. We also make sure that we used the best adhesive on the market that Ford uses in their automotive applications; 3M Brand. Our Hardtop Rear Deck Protection Trim is the best on the market, hands down!

TOP Secret Info!!!!! This product came out 100 times better than we thought it would!!!!!!

I’m am so very excited about this new product and special offer. This is the new, Ford Thunderbird, Top-Door-Stainless-Steel-Trim. These parts were a concept that we collaborated on, with the TBN members. We are really surprised at how well this actually came out! It is almost a seamless continuation of the luxurious mirror finish that you see around the existing windshield and Porthole window trim. I can’t believe we did not see this opportunity, earlier. It’s ironic now, just how much more often that I notice the same top door trim on a lot of the premium cars out there, like the Mercedes Benz and BMW. This trim is a must-have on the Tbird. It really brings out that premium, finished look that the Tbird deserves. There are so many little things that did not make it through final production at Ford, due to their delayed debut of the Tbird in 2002. This is where people like you, and Thunderbird Concepts come together to create these fun, new accessories, in our collective quest of “bettering” the Tbird. This is just one example of the many possibilities!

To ensure that this is of the highest quality, we have had it manufactured of top-quality, mirror finished, stainless steel (the same look as the trim on the windshield area and the porthole). And… we went the extra mile to ensure that the edges of this trim were sanded soft so you don’t have to worry about any dangerous sharp edges!

top door closeup thunderbird


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is it hard to install?
Answer: It is very easy to install and all the trims come with step-by-step installation instructions. You can very easily install the trim on a Saturday afternoon!

Question: How does it attach?
Answer: The trim attaches very easily with a 3M adhesive backing…..just peel and stick….that’s it. The 3M adhesive will last the life of your vehicle.

Question: What is your guarantee?
Answer: If you receive the trim and feel you don’t like the way it looks or do not want to install it for any reason, you have 365 days from when you received the trim to send it back to us for a refund unused.



Hi Aaron,
Just removed the standard top door trim and replaced with your NEW premium top door trim that goes to the front of the door. I also have the wider premium hardtop trim and this looks just plain awesome!!! I had placed the old top door trim entirely on the paint but when I installed the NEW I put it about half way up on the rubber and this aligns perfectly with the hard top trim pieces. The length and the mirror cutout match this way and it must be the way that you planned it. You have to see it to believe it. I believe that you can really sell this even to people who have the narrow trim. It just reaches out and grabs you as one continuous piece of chrome all the way around the passenger compartment and up and over the windshield. Thanks for working with me on this one!!!

Orville Dash (9-3-10)

Hi Aaron,
I received the premium hardtop protection trim—My only complaint is I’m sorry I waited so long to put up with the rattling. I was just about to forget it and start looking for a new car, as much as I loved my 2003 Thunderbird the noise was just getting to be to much !!! tks again.
1-21-2011 Marsha, Hot Springs AR

I have some information which should be of value to you. When I was fooling around with the OEM mylar protection tape that Ford provided me with to solve the problem with the hardtop scratching the rear deck, I innitially failed to see some surface abrasion on our Tbird’s reardeck. The OEM tape kit had not been opened. I guess that the dealership would not have taken that step on their own initiative. The top was probably on during the time the dealer had it on display or for test drives. Who knows. All I know is that the hardtop definitely scratched the reardeck.
What I see, is when, I look closely, it is a direct contact abrasion track that flows in a continous line, that is a little less that 1/8 inch wide, and nominally about 5/16 inches from the edge, in the after corners, which I mention below have increased allowance from the OEM, the abrasion is somewhat wider and further from the edge but no more than 5/8 of an inch.
Conclusion, your wider stainless steel surround, at 3/4 inches width, will cover all contact area. What I am only left to say is this, and what I guess everyone knows already: Any active use of the hardtop, without protection, will cause surface abrasion, no ifs-ands-or buts.
Best Regards,

Jim Wieldt (12-13-10)

Your “hardtop protection trim” is everything you said it is: all creaks and rattles disappeared as if by magic after I installed your trim and put the hardtop back on., and the floor mats are very classy; I can’t wait for the rear mat (on back-order). Even the calendar and CD very impressive.
I am sure I will be ordering more products from you in the future.

David English (6-22-10)

Hi Aaron,
I just wanted to let you know that i had my hardtop protection trim installed yesterday, and it has made a world of difference! I don’t mean to sound so surprised, but you know how it is — often things don’t quite live up to the promises. If it had even cut the creaking noise in half, I’ve have considered that a relative success, but this has totally delivered. It’s virtually eliminated that annoying sound, and makes driving the car the pleasure it ought to be. Thank you!!
p.s. The people at the Ford dealership in Santa Monica, CA are the ones who installed it for me, but had never seen your product before. I think they’re sold on it now. ; )

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