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Please send us your photos or feedback anytime.
(send photos to “aaronscott “@”” email address. Be sure to take out the quotations around the @ symbol 😉 ! Thank you!

I have to write to you to let you know how really great your company is. I have dealt with many company’s in my 50 plus years but never ran across a company like Thunderbird Concepts.
I want to thank you for your honesty and integrity and the quality of all your products. They are absolutely fantastic… Thank you from the bottom of my heart. And right now I got the best looking TBird in N. W. Indiana. Going to order the hood scoop next and over the winter going to order the fender skirts and the roadster tonneau cover…….
Love you guys,

Russell Rogers. TBird 007 Man

Hi Aaron!
We got the Soft Boot and set it out for a couple of days to “straighten it out”, then snapped it onto the car.  It looks great!
Thanks for the great service, quick shipping, service-ahead-of-the-sale, etc.!  It’s been an extremely pleasant buying experience!  Actually, way over the top, and what every seller should be offering.
Mike and Michele Collins
Near Monterey, CA 7-14-16

Hey guys!
I just wanted you to know that I have had installed multiple performance parts in my red 2003 T-Bird, Premium Edition. I had the TBC Cold Air Intake, Borla Exhaust, and Performance Chip kit installed this week. And, the car runs and sounds absolutely splendidly. I can easily feel that the acceleration power is much greater than before (much greater torque) and the power on the highway and interstate is phenomenal (greater horsepower). And, to top that, the sound is incredible between the TCB Cold Air Intake and the Borla Exhaust system. I think that these performance additions make this car perform and sound the way it was meant to be. So, many thanks from Virginia for excellent products and the advice I received via telephone. Just so you know, I also have installed your MP3 Adaptor kit, which is absolutely wonderful, as well as the trunk mat, rear license plate frame, and sun visors for the windshield. Currently, I am waiting on the front floor mats, which were on back order. My next project in the near future is to order the Caliper covers in red as well as the Billet front-end grill. Again, many thanks to Thunderbird Concepts and the people that manage it. Cheers! Alex

Alexander B. Goulart


Aaron- the tonneau came out fantastic. The guys at the Ford dealership did a great job on the painting. When I picked it up this morning, they gathered round to see what it looked like on the car. ” Sweet ride” they said. So now with the grill and tonneau, I’m starting to get the car like I want it to be. Thanks for the quality piece and extra effort during the order process. By the way, I saw the 4th of July picture on the web-site. Cool, thanks.

Peter L. (July 26th 2007)

2003 Ford Thunderbird Roadster Tonneau - Peter L.
Photo courtesy of Peter Lepir.

Dear Thunderbird Concepts,
Just a note to let you know I received my hood scoop bezel, side accent trim, rocker panel trim and fender trim all in about a week. The boxes were kind of beat up, but your items were all ok. I got everything installed today in about 3 hours with minimum problems. Our yellow 2002 T-Bird looked good before, but now it looks great. I would love to attach a photo if I can figure out how to do that.
Thanks for all your fine products!

Dennis in Topeka, KS (3-16-07)

Dennis’s Thunderbird picturerd here with Stainless Steel Fender Trim, Side Accent Trim, Rocker Panels, and Hoodscoop Bezel. Photo courtesy of Dennis.

Ford Thunderbird Grille - Peter Lepir
Peter Lepir’s Thunderbird pictured here on the 4th of July 2007 with the Thunderbird Tbird Grille.


And… Some More Years Of Feedback From Our Valued Customers Below:


Thank You Aaron,
I have only dealt with one other company that impressed me as much as you and your company. I think that a business reflects its owners, and this being the case, the people who work for you are very lucky not only do they have a great role model ( your business philosophy) but they can take this an apply it to their lives as well and then hopefully pass it on. There is not enough of this type of thinking in the world today. So… Sir, I tip my hat to you, and Thank You once again.
Mike Samson


Attached, are photos of my ’05 Anniversary Edition Thunderbird.
Notice the placement of your emblems and the chrome I added…

Connie Olson
Great Falls, Montana

Photos courtesy of: Connie Olson


Photo courtesy of: B. Hearin


“Love my new WhiteWalls!
Makes an already pretty girl, prettier!!”

From recent customer of white walls – C. Narvaez in Texas.

Photo courtesy of: C. Narvaez


Hi, Aaron
My Bird has the wheel-well opening chrome; the rocker panel chrome, and while you can’t see them, the three-piece mat set.

Also, my 2004 T-Bird was selected to be “the money shot” for an upcoming poster/promotion piece for the Downtown Vancouver Association of Vancouver, WA. (America’s Vancouver is just across the lovely Columbia River from Portland, OR.)

I’m sending you some pix from last Friday’s shoot. I’m also a member of the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce and therefore in my own red jacket. In front of the theater, I’m the one kneeling.

Looking forward to either your Father’s Day Sale or the annual 4th of July blow-out!

Best to you and yours,
Paul Dicker

Ford Thunderbird Vancouver, WA

Ford Thunderbird wheel-well chrome

Ford Thunderbird rocker panel chrome
Photos courtesy of Paul Dicker


I want to thank you for helping me with my order, and the ‘heads up’ info. Boy, you should write a book about Customer Service, cause you definitely understand the importance of it… and what it means to your customers. I have read a lot of the comments on your web-site, and I can tell that I am not the only one that is proud to say, I am a customer of Thunderbird Concepts.
Thanks to you and your team,
John Barrett, May 6, 2014


Just wanted to thank you for your products. They not only impressively beautiful on the Thunderbird, everything was so easy to put on and fit like a glove . It amazed me. It was so simple, that any one, would NOT have a hard time putting it ON. I installed a bunch of things and only took me 5 hours… and, I had fun doing it. Ordering more….
Thank you for the best products I ever bought in 50 years.
Russell Rogers
May 8, 2014

Dear Aaron, I have had other dealings with you even a return and exchange. I find you very honest and also proud of your company and products. I think the splashguards will be a great addition to my red t-bird. It seems to me that you treat your customers like you yourself likes to be treated. That was how I was before I had to retired. I look forward to more new and exciting products for my t-bird.
Dennis Gianotti (7-08-09)

We just drove our tbird 1400 miles on vacation and many times when we would stop to eat or get gas people would come up and ask many questions about the car. I have had 4 Corvettes starting with a 1978 thru 2001 none of them got the looks and the questions like this car does.
Keep up the good work.
Robert Martin
Prosperity, SC 29127 (8-3-09)

“I just received the Roadster Tonneau top yesterday and I think it’s just beautiful!!! I was driving around and a
girl stopped me and said, “that is one sexy car”. Looks from all around. I can’t wait to get in
the car and drive around. You’ve done a great job Thunderbird Concepts!”
Dale Dougherty 2-14-2002

(Note on Dale’s testimonial: Dale was one of our first Roadster Tonneau purchases. We had a heck of a time working out the bugs on the interm of this first of it’s kind innovative and functional Roadster Tonneau product addition for the Tbird. He stuck by us with the 3 month delay in the interm of the product, and we stuck by him. It was a test for both of us, and the outcome turned out positive, and fun. We are very proud of this. Looking back on this, It was almost like a test to see if Thunderbird Concepts would ever cease to exist. We passed the test when it could of been so easy to just give up and drop the ball. This was our very first product and I’m glad we were put to the test. It has formed the foundation of what Thunderbird Concepts is today…. Always stand by the customer and treat them with respect as a friend and a client. So, just in case you were wondering, that’s the story behind Dale’s testimonial! Sincerely, Aaron Scott, Owner.)

Happy Easter weekend Aaron,
As one of the owners of TBN, I speak for all 8 of us, thank you for supporting TBN. Your contributions and unique ideas for T-Bird accessories are well appreciated.
Thanks again,
Charlie (4-3-10)

john's tbird testimonial

tbird winner michael natale

Hi Aaron,
Thought I would send you pictures of the trophies I have won for the car and no doubt due to your products on the car.
Thanks Aaron
Mike Natale 2-28-11

david and jackie fite's tbird winner

Here is a photo of my T bird with first place tophy for my class (81 thru 2007 Ford) at our annual Jack Roush Day car show. Manchester, Ohio is Jack’s home town. Every October he comes home for a dinner and car show. He donates items from his race cars fo an auction and the procedes go towards the town. It is a great show with around 325 to 350 cars, mostly Mustangs but a lot of beautiful cars and getting bigger every year.
I thought you might enjoy this or even if I’m lucky put it in the calender. Anyway share it with the rest, it just goes to show that people still appreciate the our wonderful thunderbirds.

David and Jackie Fite
Manchester, Ohio

Hi Aaron,
I was very pleased to receive my first copy of your Thunderbird Concepts Newsletter for June 2008. I was amazed at the amount of interesting information that it contained. Being a new owner of a 2003 Tbird, I didn’t know that anyone had continued to promote the Retro Bird after it died but, I did know that there were some club memberships here in the states.
Another surprise to me was the existence of the 2001 Tbird Collectors Table Book so I took advantage of your special offer and ordered one with the bonuses that are still available and I have received confirmation that shipment will be by 6-6-08.
I downloaded the free 2008 Tbird Calendar and printed out using photo paper and it came out great! A nice job was done in laying out the pages with photos of owners Tbirds.
I am sorry but, my computer does not show video very well so I missed out on that part of your newsletter.
On the update for your June Newsletter, I wish to thank Dot for the very fine work that she did in creating the 2008 Calendar, WELL DONE!!. I also like the looks of the bird with the Merlot color, my 2003 is Mountain Shadow Grey and currently has 11,125 miles on it (I will try to attach a photo for you if I can).
Chett (6-4-08)

chett's tbird

The products and services that you offer for our Tbird’s are great! It is a pleasure doing business with Thunderbird Concepts.
Chett Bodette (10-1-08)

paul nichols international thunderbird club

Hi Aaron,
Thanks for all the help getting my lift working. Not all companies would be so helpfull. I did as you suggested. Went to car show and craft show. Had a great time. I’m thinking about purchasing the hood scoop you have on your sight. I think it would look great on my car.
Ed Clement 5/18/08

morgan's Tbird

Attached are some of photos from my work on the Tbird over the winter.
I have my fist Grandchild she too is a Tbird fan.
Keep up the good work.
Morgan Loch
Food & Nutrition Services (June 2008)

larry tbird

My wife Janice and I own an 2005 Special Edition T-Bird.
We have several items from your store. We enjoy your website and really appreciate the items you offer for Birds.
Thanks so much and keep up the good work.
Larry & Janice Palmer
Odessa, Texas
(June 18th 2008)

gordon's Tbird

Hello Aaron,
Never did like computers that much,LOL. hope the picture goes thru this time. the hard top trim and tonneau cover look great.
Gordon Gentile (6-27-08)

Hi Aaron: Just a note to let you know I appreciate all your help. It’s great to know you care about your customers. I always enjoy ordering from your company. Again Thanks.
Dennis 9-10-2009

tbird dash kit
Richard Hoke Waving in his Tbird with his new Dash Kit
Pictured here is Richard Hoke

Here are a few pictures of my 2003 Thunderbird. I’ve always been partial
to blue. It is one of a kind, was originally white and I had it painted Bright Atlantic Blue,
which was the color of my ’98 Mustang Cobra Convertible I had before this
except it had a white convertible top. I bought the hard top hoist from you and I
changed the wheels to American Racing Fusion wheels and have the Stainless Steel side
on it along with the hardtop trim and tailight bezels. I now have the top door trim
and the Urban Metal Dash Trim and I also have custom sun visor and headrest
covers on it along with Borla exhaust and K&N cold air intake.
The next thing I want is the 2 piece tonneau cover for it. Thanks for all your help.
Richard Hoke (10-12-09)

cover mirror

Thanks Aaron,
I have been down for a week, feeling a bit better now. Happy to hear
the mats are coming!
If you use one of these pics I bet some people are going to buy those
leather mirror covers. I was tired of cleaning bird poop and couldnt figure
out why. I got up at sunset and caught the culprit lol. Have fun and thanks.
John Roberts (July 2009)

Hello from Ken Scribner…I ordered (4) sets of the Hard Top Trim for the Tulsa Classic T-Bird club members prior to us taking 14 T-Birds to Eureka Springs, Arkansas for the 38th Annual Vintage/Classic car show. As you had requested, I have sent pictures of (3) retro T-Birds that where able to attend and the fourth had a more important engagement that weekend and could not travel with us so I do not yet have a picture of the 50th Anniversary T-Bird in the Cashmeire White color that looks so classey with the hard top trim and the owners are so pleased with the look. I will get a picture of this car to you soon.
The owner of the green T-Bird pictured (Pacific Coast Roadster Edition) chose to put his hard top back on before our trip, so you cannot see the trim underneath the top but reported that the installed trim completely eliminated the ongoing rattle behind the drivers seat that was once there but now silent with the hard top trim in place. I feel you have a “homerun” product with the Hard Top trim with perfect fit, function and appearance.
Once again, the Tulsa T-Bird Club members wish to express their gratitude to you and the staff of Thunderbird Concepts for getting the back order of this product and shipping to us in time for us to install the trim prior to our departure for the car show. All of us “retro” T-Bird owners look forward to future business with you.
In closing, the Classic T-Bird Owners asked me to inquire if there is anything similar offered for the 1956-1957 T-Birds so the clear mylar tape application can be eliminated with something as equally elegant as the Hard Top Trim for the retro T-Birds.
Best Regards,
Ken (The Merlot T-Bird is mine) (9-9-08)

kens tbird
Pictured here is Ken Scribner’s Merlot Tbird with the Thunderbird Rear Deck Hardtop Protection Trim. (9-09-08)

Jorge's Tbird from Mexico
tbird customer bjorn from sweden

Hi Aaron, sends a picture from Sweden and our “Santa”. It is me and my granddaughter making x-mas for kids in a kindergarden. You can use the pitcure if you like. Marry X-mas / Björn December 2007
Björn Ljungquist

bjorn's 1955 Tbird - photo 1962
bjorn's 2005 Tbird

Bjorn pictured above with his Tbird BEFORE a majority of his new Thunderbird Concepts items. See picture below for his added additions; White Wall Tires, Fender Trim, TBC Cold Air Intake, Side Accent Trim, Borla Exhaust, Continental Kit, Hard Roadster Tonneau, Hoodscoop Bezel, Spoke Rims, Top Door Trim, and Tail Light Bezels.

tbird side accent trim
Valued Customer; Bjorn, in Sweden pictured here with his Cashmere Tbird and Wife Agneta.

Today I got a BIG load from Florida. The tyers, rims and some more. I couldn’t wait to open the boxes with the rims and they where wanderful. I´m very happy. Tomorrow I will unpack the rest. Sometime next month I will also arrange a fotografer to pitchure my car. I´ll send a photo to you too.
I also have the borla system on an got a marveolus sound. (the old streeter is happy).
Thanks once more and have a nice weekend / Björn
Björn Ljungquist
Göteborg (3-14-08)

Hi Aaron, I talked to my “paintshop” today, and they say the tonneu is made in a very good quality. And I´m happy.
Have a nice weekend. Soon the snow is melting in Sweden / Björn
Björn Ljungquist
Göteborg (4-4-08)

Hi Alyssa,
Thank you for your quick response. We will be buying more from you in the future!
William (4-4-08)

Thunderbird Roadster Tonneau

“Dear Thunderbird Concepts,
Claudia and I live in a gated community of 329 houses on the site of a one time country club. Every 4th of July there is a parade with prizes. This year there were 11 convertables (MB, BMW, JAGS, ETC.. and ONE TBIRD)
My wife, Claudia, won 1st Place and I’m sure it was all because of your Tonneau!”
-Firman Cook (July 17th, 2006)

Thank you for delivering the items I ordered from your company. I am quite please with everthing that I received. I’ll be looking forward to doing business with your company in the future.
Jon Jennings (May 11th, 2006)

Thunderbird Ice Blue Color
Pictured here is the Jenning’s with their new Thunderbird Soft Boot. He also has the Tbird Hardtop Cart.

Tbird Letter

WOW!!!!!!!!!!! You are fantastic. We could not believe all the items that you sent in the “Goodie Box” for our TBN Shack-Up Inn event. Margaret and I both appreciate your support and participation in TBN.
Since most of our members who are coming to Shack-Up Inn will be at the event in New Orleans this weekend, we are going to wait til next week to announce that we have received a very generous goodie box from you.
Thanks again,
Charlie (SixPac) and Margaret (Ms Mitchell) (a.k.a. Birdwings) (4-7-10)

Thunderbird Letter

Dear Aaron,
“My wife and I both drive 2002 Thunderbirds. She never removes the roof on hers and I take my roof everytime I get a chance. We love the cars and the only complaint we had was the rattle in the top similar to the 1950 convertibles with the soft top up. In November while surfing the net I found your website and ordered her the Hard Top Trim. I received the trim in a short time and installed it on her car. The trim eliminated around 80% of the rattles and squeaks. We were not interested in the beauty of the trim just how well it worked, because once we installed it, the top was on for good. I was so happy with the trims results that I ordered another set for my car. I got the same results, around 80% of the noise eliminated. After installation on my car I noticed that the trim did not adhere in one place. It could have been a defect, or myself the novice installer at work. I contacted you about another piece of tape to correct my minor problem. Instead you sent me another complete kit free of charge with no questions asked. Yesterday we changed out the trim.I was surprised that it took alot of force to get it off, and of course the old trim is not flat due to the pressure that we had to use to remove it. In closing let me say how happy we are with the Protection Trim and more so the way you operate your business and treat your customers. Pictures to follow.
Thanks Again,”

Bunny Pearl in Texas (Jan 17th 2006)

Another happy customer likes Thunderbird Concepts customer service and products!
Mr. Barnard Pearl with his new Ford Thunderbird Hardtop Trim

“Your T-bird top hoist is great, I have 12′ ceilings and
I don’t even know that it is there.”
P.K.Anderberg (April 28th, 2006)

“By the way I ordered the wind blocker a few months back and I love it. Its one of those things you wonder what you did without it.”
Have a GREAT Day,
Vita Powlison (April 25th, 2006)

“As a new car dealer and Thunderbird afficionado, I am very
impressed with your quality and service based on my first order for a soft
Barry Rost (April 27th 2006)

Thank you for your quick response to my replacement request ,as usual you excel at customer service. I just returned from a short trip to find the replacement mirror covers already delivered to my house. I will get the defective set in the mail and return them to the address you provided. Thanks Again
David J Cannioto (April 13th 2006)

Thanks Aaron,
I too am in business (handyman and high-end appliance installation and repair). One of the reasons for my success is that I take care of my problems..even years later. I can tell you are a man of principle. I’ll let you know if I have any problem.
Jim 2-17-11

Aaron, I buy from you because you offer great products and you have always stood behind what you sell. Here in south florida I show my car at many shows and have won 4 awards for it.I am always asked where I got my accessories I always tell then Thunderbird Concepts.
Michael Natale 2-17-11

“Dear Aaron:
Just wanted you to know that I received my hard tonneau cover, and it looks beautiful! It was delivered on time and in excellent condition. You did a very good job of packing and shipping! No damage to the container or the tonneau cover. As soon as I inspected the tonneau cover, I delivered it to my local Ford Body Shop for painting. They did a beautiful job of painting and clear-coating it for me. The tonneau cover is now installed on my T-Bird and I must say that it makes a great impression on everyone. In addition to the tonneau cover, I have already installed custom fender skirts, continental kit, Borla Split Rear Cat-Back exhaust system, and a K&N Typhoon cold air intake system! This tricked-out ’03 T-Bird really turns heads! The only thing missing is my whitewall tires!
Thanks again for the great job on the tonneau cover! Now, I look forward to hearing from you about those great looking whitewall tires! Thanks in advance for your speedy response to this request!”

Greg Hlinka in VA (1-25-05)

Aaron- I installed the tail light bezels a short time ago on my 2002 black Y-Bird time ago and they look great. I installed the “retro” version of the headlight visors 4 days ago and I am really impressed with how good and natural they look, and with how easy they were to put on. I meet each Sat morning with a men’s group and the T-Bird is always a topic of conversation. My ’02 looks and drives show-room new- your products really help make it unique-
Jim Akins 2-21-11

The web site is great and it is always a pleasure working with Shawn whenever I have any questions. I’m glad you guys are around.
Rick Sanza (1-20-10)

Good Morning from Germany,
My order has been delivered yesterday – great!
Thanks a lot for all the stuff, quick delivery, great packing – i love it.
Dagmar (3-3-10)

“Thanks Aaron, I just received your rear deck protectors and was very impressed. I hope they stay in place over time. Great products.”
Cliff (Jan 13th 2006)

Hello Aaron!
On February 28th, I received my new set of Michelin Pilot white walls! They are beautiful! Great quality tires! No problem at all with shipping and installation! They really look terrific on my T-Bird! The perfect custom accessory! They really add that special touch of class!
I can now say that my 2003 T-Bird has been completely customized!! (My wife was very happy to hear that!!) The modifications included the following:

* Continental Kit (with T-Bird emblem)

* Rear Fender Skirts

* Borla Performance Split Rear Cat-Back Exhaust System

* K&N “Typhoon” Cold Air Intake System

* Michelin Pilot White Wall Tires

* Roadster Tonneau Cover

* Sylvania SilverStar High Performance Lighting

* Chrome Hood Scoop Bezel

* Chrome Engraved License Plate Frames

* Last, but not least………White Fuzzy Dice!!

Also, Aaron, you asked me to send photographs of my T-Bird after the customization was complete. You’ll be happy to know that the photos are in the mail!

The photos are yours to keep and to do with as you wish. Let me know when you receive them. Any other feedback is also welcome. I’m always open to comments and suggestions! Thanks, Aaron, to you and your guys for helping in making my T-Bird something very special!

Greg Hlinka in Alexadria, VA (March 13th 2006)

Thunderbird Letter
Greg Hlinka's Mistress
Greg Hlinka's Mistress
Mr. Greg Hlinka’s “Mistress” in VA

Greg Hllinka Enters His First Tbird Show And Wins With Thunderbird Concepts Accessories!

“Last September 10-16, 2007, The International Thunderbird Club held its 14th annual convention in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The convention was attended by a couple of hundred Thunderbird enthusiasts and their beloved Thunderbirds. Needless to say, it was breathtaking to see all of those beautiful birds gathered together in one spot for the convention! Every model year was represented. I entered my Thunderbird Concepts accessorized ’03 “MS TRISS” in the formal judging competition. It was the first time I had ever entered my TBird in any auto show event. Much to my delight, and surprise, I was awarded a First Place trophy in the Touring Modified Class! That was quite a proud moment, thanks in part to modification accessories from Thunderbird Concepts!”

Greg Hlinka (3-21-08)

Thank you, Aaron. I spoke to Sean earlier today about this issue and my new order. Your customer service is outstanding.
Jim (12-15-09)

lindas tbird

Hi Aaron:
I received my Thunderbird satin jacket, and I can’t thank you enough. I love it! Everyone loves it!. I also love the polo shirt, and of course, I STILL love my red 2002 T-Bird.
I can’t wait for the 2011 calendar to come out. What great pictures there were in the 2010. I’m going to send a copy to the lucky lady who has my first T-Bird.
Thanks again, and happy T-Birding,
Linda Reynolds 10-26-10

I installed the Hardtop Protection Trim several months ago, and we finally put on the top last weekend. I bought the 2003 in late August and only had the HT on for the ride home from the dealer so I don’t remember if it had any squeaks, etc. or not. When we took the top off, I noticed the scuffs so the reason I bought your strips.
Anyway, we put the top on last weekend and it is amazingly quite – not squeaks or any noises other than the tires on the road. You have a great product.
Bottom line – well worth the price, and it is a good product.

Bob Cunningham 10-27-09

This is awesome. Your level of customer service is exactly what I would expect. I will recommend you and your company to everyone I can.
Thank you so much for the spot on response to my problem.
Regards, Steven “J” (10-25-09)

Good morning Aaron,
Just wanted to send you a short note to you. Thanks A-Lot for the shirt and licen-plate. Both looks very cool on me and the tbird. The other itms looks great too that I had ordered. The ss hood scoop bezel and the ss body strip that protects the hardtop on the body. Both were very easy to install. I am looking forward in getting more items for my ’03 red bird.
Thanks again,
Randy 4-15-10

Love your products and will be buying more. The Bird-Bra is fantastic. Bought it a year ago and it still looks as new as the day I put it on. The headlight covers are a real eye-catcher. I have had lots of positive comments about them and the Bra.
It is my high regard for you and your business that prompts this email.
-John P. 3-18-10

rogers tbird with ski rack

Hi Aaron,
The other day I was looking at a consumer guide to used cars. Under
the worst cars of all time because of reliability issues, low and
behold, there was the 2002 TBird.
After nine years, and 50,000 miles, I’m wondering just how long it
takes for even one of those reliability issues to surface on my Bird?
Roger Kittelson Texas 2-22-2011

Thought you might like to hear this. My local dealer service guys thought I bought your Trunk Rack through their parts department. They were really surprised when I told them it was not an OEM ford accesory. Great design…
Joel K Milford, MA USA 9-28-09”

Aaron, Keep up the good work. Also, your products are the just the best.
Dr John W. Rice 9-23-09

You provide an excellent service. Thank you!
– Alan Sevison 9-23-09

It is just a true joy to do business with you, Aaron…your newsletters and items for sale are just what I want and your focus on our “love” for the 2003-2005 Thunderbird is a pleasure. I look forward to your emails.
Jim Seymour 10-12-09

Hi Aaron,
Found homes for the calendars this past weekend. Our DFW area Thunderbird owners had a luncheon on Sunday as part of the Pappasito’s events on TBN. Passed them out as door prizes and they were very much appreciated.
Thanks again for sending me the extras,
Dot 2-2-11

Thanks for your help…’re the best.
Steven 2-2-11

I don’t drive the T-Bird in the winter, Wisconsin winter are just too harsh. Waiting for a new boot sure isn’t a problem for me. I am please to accept your offer but not at all surprised that you extended it. I have never heard a bad thing about your company and have been please with the product that I have purchased until I bought the boot.
Thank you and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.
Jeanne 2-2-11

You know – we live in a world where many, many folks are just out to get all they can and take care of themselves. They live that way and they conduct their business that way. To them it is all about the bottom line and what’s in it for ME.

I’m very happy to say that one of our most prominent Retro Thunderbird aftermarket developers and suppliers, Aaron Scott and the good folks at Thunderbird Concepts doesn’t fall into that category.

Those of us that have bought goodies from Thunderbird Concepts know that they stand behind their products and service 100% while routinely running sales and specials on their highly sought after items. In fact, as usual, they are having a sale over this holiday weekend.

Besides being a great business and Aaron being an active TBN member, he and his team fall into the category of people that like to give back to the customers that support them and the charity efforts of the TBN members. With that in mind I am happy and proud to make the following announcement:

Thunderbird Concepts

has donated


to TBN’s Cruisin’ for St. Jude Charity Efforts


Besides the cash donation they have also donated several items to be use as auction items and door prizes at TBN Ten Thunder in Nashville this June!! I’ll let Gary announce the items that have been donated on the Auction Donation Page, but let’s just say it’s way more than a handful of nice things.

So, I really think it would be appropriate to let Aaron and the Thunderbird Concepts crew know how much we all appreciate their efforts by posting a little thank you note here and even more by remembering to purchase a nice gift for Thunderbird Concepts for yourself, your car, a friend or a family member sometime soon.

Let me be the first to say thanks, because it has been my pleasure to work with Aaron behind the scenes on this for the past several days. Aaron, your generosity is amazing and something for us all to emulate in some small way!

Paul 4-7-12

Thanks for your generosity, you are an excellent T-Birder!
Ron 3-24-11

You guys are awesome! I always look forward to what you’re going to think of next! I just love my car and all the ‘added’ shiny parts from Thunderbird Concepts.
Deb Jeter 10-12-09

I enjoy your e-mails and offers and always look forward to them. It is nice to be able to look and purchase items for our Thunderbird with out actually having to go try to find them elswhere. Keep them comming.
Thank you,
John Magnuson 10-12-09

Hey Aaron, I put my Retro Headlight Visors on today, I love them. Thanks for sending them out for Thanksgiving.
Really cool!!
Terry (11-30-09)

This is my first purchase here, and after the phone call that answered my questions, I had no hesitation on ordering anything from T.C. Looking forward to getting my order, and probably ordering more in the future.
Thomas Banar (10-10-09)


Hey Aaron. sry Ive been missing in action lately. Sun is out in FL. Top is down, and Soaring. Thanks again for all you do for us.Your Friend,
Dave Rice 7-12-10

Just wanted to say THANKS for all your GREAT products and FANTISIC SERVICE.
Please thank Shawn for me and I am sending pictures of our T-Bird. Everything went well with
the installation.
Thank’s again,
Loyal Customer
Dwayne Gibson 7-12-10

tbird headlight visors
Dwayne’s tbird with prototype Thunderbird Concepts headlight visors

dash kit
Dwaynes’ Tbird before Dash Kit Install

dash kit on thunderbird
Dwaynes’ Tbird after Dash Kit install

Aaron, got my mudflaps, very nice looking, and have installed them and I think they look very good. Now I have to be very cautious when going over those dasterdly speed bumps. LOL I am awaiting my new tonneau cover as I have followed explicit directions for returning the original. What are you coming out with next??? I may chose to buy the luggage rack soon but wondered how it attaches. I don’t want to drill holes, of course…bye -Gary L. 8-10-09

Aaron 7/31/09,
Got your message. I really like doing business with your company. You really go that extra mile for your customers. Thanks
Ed Clement

“Hi Aaron,
The racks got plenty of good comments while at TBN’s Choo Choo Thunder Event last week. There
were several cars there with them on. You might get an order or two out of it. My husband is not really one for adding accessories to our cars but he really likes the look of the rack on the car even if we haven’t needed to use it.
Dot L, Texas 10-15-09″

jerry richards tbird letter

jerry tbird with cont kit and hard tonneau and lake pipes
richards tbirds
thunderbird alley
Jerry’s Tbird pictured above with the “Urban Metal” dash kit finish. He also has the Tail Light Bezels, Hard Fiberglass Tonneau, Side Accent Trim, Continental Kit, Hoodscoop bezel, and Borla Exhaust!

ed's tbird in hawaii
Ed’s Tbird pictured above with the hoodscoop Bezel trim and the Tbird Surrounds!

I have been buying your products for some time, love the quality and ease of installation.
Antonius H Neggers (7-28-09)



Finally got around to putting the luggage rack on my T-Bird — didn’t trust my non-mechnical abilities to do it myself – so had my body-work man do it — came out great – got a few bungee cords from Pep Boys and used it to transport a piece of luggage to my home – worked like a charm — I had to get a bulb replaced a couple of days ago and took it in to Buerge Ford — the service guys stood around ohh-ing and ahhing over the rack!! Regards

-Bert L. Rogal 1-28-11


bob and carolyn come to the thunderbird concepts office to visit
Pictured above is Bob and Carolyn from West Kelowna, British Columbia.

Bob and Carolyn run the Kelowna Tbird club in Canada and they are throwing an event to promote
an apprentice program for children that helps them to learn about cars and how to work with them. We were happy to donate some Tbird goodies for the raffle. And, then, the US Mail drops off this letter packaged with Utah fresh honey, from one of our favorite customers, Sharon Jane. She wrote a nice note wishing Thunderbird Concepts a nice 2011 year. What a great day!

Sharon Jane gives us presents!

Aaron, The Hardtop hoist arrived safe and sound! The quality is quite superior and the instructions are clear and understandable ! Thank You for your help.
Sincerely, A.J. (9-20-09)

Aaron,Thanks for the special offer with the trunk mat. You truly are a friend of TBN members!
Paul Thomas (2K2BIRD) 7-28-09

“Aaron, we received our floor mats today and are very happy. I have to admit, my husband spent about an hour trying to figure out where the 3rd mat was supposed to go. I left him look until I finally fessed up that it was a gift.

We love our T Bird and that s hard for me to say because I am a German car aficiona-currently driving a PHAETON VW. But I saw this car in a showroom and it had to be mine. It is an 02; spoke wheels, which I understand were a $1000 premium when new; wide white wall tires, red and black leather interior, and in wonderful condition. Both tops are almost new and the boot cover looks as though it was never used. The car has 50,000 miles on it–was garaged–and now we are taking it to our AZ home so it will never see Midwest snow or ice.

The mats really look great. The previous ones had been removed and the usual rubber TBird mats were down..and dangerous since they slipped and slid.

Ok–thanks again, I am a very satisfied client. You exceeded my expectations and I am VERY fussy.

Steph Heitmeyer (9-15-09)

We have been very pleased with the soft convertible well cover. It is a lot easier to store in thed trunk and install than the OEM. part. We also thank you for keeping us updated on new products . Keep up the good work!!!!

Dean & Debbie Woodcock (10-12-09)

I think u guys are great.
rory zirpolo 3-25-10

Just to let you know we received the order and were very pleased with the products. Also with the friendliness and helpfulness of youe staff. Mark Watson 7-4-2010

I just wanted to say that we recently purchased your hard top trim kit. It did just what you said it would do, stop the squeeking and rattling. Even tho I loved my 2003 T-Bird, the squeeking and rattling was irritating to say the least. I finally talked my husband into trying the trim kit and was pleasantly surprised at how quiet my car became. It was very easy to install. Thank you for coming up with such a great product. I plan on ordering several more of your T-Bird accessories.

Ellie 3-25-10


I appreciate being on your mailing list. My wife is a Soldier, serving in her 26 year on Active Duty. We have our retirement home in South Florida and have our Red 2002 TBird housed there. We get there 3-4 times a year and love the car. Your accessories add to our enjoyment… and often bring a warm smile to the face of the love of my life. Thanks Aaron.
Redding Hobby 11-8-10


You’re invaluable to me!
Pam Worthington 11-8-10

Shawn is a keeper—looking forward to the T-bird emblems for the running lights, the trunk cover, calendar, and CD. As with previous orders from Thunderbird Concepts, I know I will NOT be disappointed with the quality of your products. Thanks for continuing your inovative ideas. (I’m still waiting for you to offer a hinged version of your chrome luggage rack!!) R Shady 1-31-11


Thanks for your good service with earlier orders.

Jim Akins 1-31-11


All I can say is WOW. The jacket is amazing to wear and look at. Thank you for giving so many of us the chance to own one.

Craig 11-8-10




Hello Aaron, I appreciate your emails and notices of specials your company is offering on Thunderbird assessories. Please keep them coming as you really have some great deals. Thanks again. Bart Peterson 11-8-10


You Guys Are Great!
R.G.Dittrich 3-22-10

I purchased a Christmas Gift from you for my husband, and the first one was delivered damaged. As soon as I called you, you quickly replaced the item and “made it right”. Needless to say, my husband was thrilled and I am now a repeat customer because of your service. Thank you.
Elizabeth Sinclair 3-19-10

Hi Aaron,
I am very impressed that you have taken the time to not only read my message but reply as well. You have just earned my respect as a business owner who is actually in touch with customers, even if you are sitting by the pool with your laptop!
In 1955 I pulled a blue plastic Thunderbird out of a Post cereal box at breakfast one morning. Loved that car! Many others have come and gone but I still have that little blue 1955 sitting on the shelf in my office. I vowed that someday I would own one and 55 years later I purchased a Desert Sky Blue 2003 in March of this year.
Good things come to those that wait.
Terry 9-23-10

I saw a red TBird today with these WW’s and just had to have them. Didn’t know where to look. I found you on internet. I’m an 81 year old fool!
Adrian Filer 3-18-10

Such nice people! thanks for being there for all us T-Bird Nut’s…
Greg DuBose 10-12-09

Keep up the good work! You obviously understand how we feel about our T-Birds.
George Segale 3-17-10

As you know, I have been a loyal customer for years. You have used photos of my Tbird to promote and sell a number of your products. That being said, I can honestly say that there is nothing that you can do to improve my shopping experience. Just do what you’re doing, and you will continually add to the loyal customer base that you have established, for years to come!
Greg Hlinka 10-12-09


HI. Aaron. I would like to thank you for the free T bird calender..I like your products for t birds.
Thanks, John W 9-6-10

Aaron, This is my first order from you; it went very smooth. The products look great and the “freebies” are nice too. I hope the installation goes as smooth as the “shopping experience”.
Rich Haggerty 9-6-10


We just got back from our road trip to FL from NM round trip 3200 miles and your front end bra worked wonderfully,Front end was completely clean when we got home!! Thanks so much!1 only wish it could of stopped the rock that cracked the windshield!!! Great Prodect!!

Lon Duncan/2004 Merlot/Sand (October 25th 2010)


Not a suggestion, just thanks – It is great to do business that is so responsive to its customer/fan base… Shawn followed up my e-mail request promptly, courteously – and personably… That level of customer service is rare and valued – and makes we want to come back!

Laurence N. Sparklin (October 25th 2010)


Hello All,
The rest of my order did show up yesterday afternoon. I will return the second one shipped, to you.
I want to thank you folks for the great customer service and follow up, as long as well have our bird, you have a loyal customer.
Thanks Again Sean ( I think that was his name) and the rest of you good folks for the help!
Mike 4-1-11


I am SO IMPRESSED by the “Over-the-Top” responses received from Aaron each and everytime I’ve sent an email! Quick and very articulate! JUST AWESOME Customer Service! I’ll be back!!
Joyce Marie Souza 4-1-11


A very pleasant ordering experience. I wish more companies would follow your lead.
Craig McLaren 9-6-10

Your professionalism and courteousness was very well received. My only suggestion is to “keep up the good work”.
Cynthia L. Tipton 10-12-09


Aaron–Today I recieved my T-Bird jacket and I was very surprised at the good quality of it. That was a very nice thing you did for us Bird owners. Over the past 5 or 6 years I have ordered quite a number of parts from you, and have never been disappointed in the quality of your parts or the service you have provided. thank you very very much Jerry Richards 10-19-10



My floor mats have arrived and the trunk mat you sent.
I love them!
Thank You so much.
I will be ordering more goodies for my Thunderbird soon.

Take Care,
Millie Kelleher 9-15-09

Hello Aaron,
My order arrived and it was just what I was looking for. I’m glad to know that your store is there for future purchases, I have added the link to my favorites and I will surely recommend you to friends.
Thank You, Dan 9-28-09

U R the best. Hands on & a real great business guy.
Gregory in Hawaii (1-4-10)


Aaron, after a really depressing day with one thing after another going wrong, I just read your message and cannot tell you how you have lifted my spirits. When you start to believe that nothing, and I mean nothing is happening favorable, to receive your message…and a very generous message it was, you convince me there are still good, responsible and compassionate people out their. Once again you have done something beyond “the call of duty”. Thank you.

Once again, may I wish you a wonderful holiday…you certainly have brightened mine.

Jim Seymour 12-23-10

Your “hardtop protection trim” is everything you said it is: all creaks and rattles disappeared as if by magic after I installed your trim and put the hardtop back on., and the floor mats are very classy; I can’t wait for the rear mat (on back-order). Even the calendar and CD very impressive.

I am sure I will be ordering more products from you in the future.

David English (6-22-10)

Thank you for the reply. I must have missed that on your web site. I love the site and the products. Plus, your way of sales contact is a great model for internet stores…. Aaron, keep up the great work and products….
Dave (10-6-09)

I get so excited every time I receive an email form you. I wonder, “What does Aaron have for me this month!??” It’s like Christmas morning when my accessory arrives…I’m as giddy as a school girl! Thanks for doing what you do and loving every minute of it….we all benefit! Deb Jeter 11-23-09

Thanks so much for your help and understanding with my orders and quick deliveries.
john frisbie (9-3-09)


HI Aaron, I have owned my 02 bird for a year and a half, but have only been aware of your organization for a few months. I love what you are doing, and look forward to doing buisness with you for a long time. thanks from a bird lover

Dan and Marcia Carlier 2-11-11


I ordered this boot after being very satisfied with the hard top chrome protection kit. I hope this product will be as pleasing! -Anonymous 2-11-11

Hi Aaron,
Received the Tbird Soft Boot Premium OEM last Tuesday. Just want to let you know how pleased I am with it. The workmanship is excellent. Hope to order from you again. Thanks for the excellent service.
Jim Monfardini
Pittsgrove, New Jersey (9-8-09)


Great job and great service! Thanks for your prompt response!

Bonnie Cockrum (11-21-10)


You have a great website. I will certainly do more business with you in the future.
Gary Jenkins (10-12-09)

I’ve ordered several things from Thunderbird Concepts and have been very pleased with the products and the customer service.
Cathie Tatum (9-8-09)

Hi Arron,
We received the soft top boot replacement today and we will be sending the defective one back tomorrow. We really appreciate the way you do business and I will recommend you to all my T-Bird friends. We will be placing an order in the near future. Once again thank you,
Dennis and Peggy from Tucson Az (10-20-09)

customer_suggestions: AS usual you do it RIGHT!
name: Bob Venditti (9-8-09)

All my gifts of Money for birthdays etc from my family is saved to buy your products for my T-BIRD. Thanks for having such a great site I LOVE IT!!!!!
Gary Greenslade 9-9-09

It’s very convenient to find all of our Thunderbird needs in one spot without having to search all over the internet.
Thanks, Larry Marcy 9-9-09

Again we would like to thank you and Thunderbird Concepts for the items that you donated to the TBN Shack Up Inn event. We auctioned some of the items and sold raffle tickets for some. It was a nice money maker for TBN operating expenses.

Several Birds showed up with your luggage rack. They drew a lot of attention.

Charlie 6-8-10


Hi Aaron,

The 7 Tbitd logos are on my car. They are exceptionally special accessories and I am proud to display them. They were very easy to install and I think that all the Tbird owners of the 2000-2005 cars would want them and should be given another opportunity to acquire them. If you wish to pursue another email sales pitch for these logos, please feel free to use this accolade
of mine and my identity in any way you see fit.

Regards, Dan Polis 11-3-10

P.S. The truck carpet is real quality and does make a perfect fit. I thank you so much for the generous gift



Aaron I just want to say it is great doing business with you .I always refer you to other T-Bird owners when I am at shows. Be ordering soon for some other items. I think your website is very easy to order from.
Thanks again, Mike Natale 9-9-09


Hi Aaron,
Our new cockpit trim arrived yesterday and I installed it in about a half hour. The old trim was easy to remove and didn’t damage the paint. The new trim looks great. In fact, the first thing my wife said was,” Tell Aaron that,now, he needs to make the pieces to go on the hood to complete the circle.”

I also installed the Rocker panel trim and it looks terrific, too. I’m sure it will also provide great protection as we explore the beautiful autumn foilage here in east Tennessee.

There is one problem, however, as soon as my wife saw the cool coffee mug, she comandeered it.

Thanks for your wonderful products and great service.

Brian McLernan 9-17-10


They landed today at 11:49am. Really BEAUTIFUL. The ‘Bird is faster off the line and gets 5mpg better mileage! Thank you for all your hard work–I know all Neo-Bird lovers really appreciate it!
Thanks again,
Bob 9-10-09


Thank you for the prompt response
It is nice to see GOOD service a thing from the past
Alex 12-14-10


Hello Aaron, I wanted to let you know that I received my T-bird floor mats and they look great in the car, good addition! Thank you very much for the free bonus in my order. That was very generous of you! There are more things I would like to order but my husband would like my list for Christmas, so I guess I have to be patient. Thanks again, Gigi 9-10-09

Hi Aaron,
I have put the hard top on for the first time ever. The hard top protection trim must have worked because I had no trouble and not a scrach. Thanks so much!
Morgan (July 21, 2009)

customer_suggestions: Not at all, you and your company are already perfect. We have always been very satisfied with everything we have ordered. Your service can’t be beaten by anyone. Thanks a lot! Lu-Ann & Jim Ulianich (7-15-09)

By the way, I appreciate your attention to your on line orders and getting
back to customers; that is very unusual and very professional.

Ted Lincoln 7-23-09

” I purchased a 2004 T-Bird last year (2006) and absolutely love it. However, I was hesitant to take the hard top off as I did not have any tape to protect the body of the car when the hard top needed to be put back on. I ordered the Protection Trim, which was about the same price as the ugly tape from the Ford dealership. I am so glad I did. The trim was easy to put on and it fit the car perfectly all the way around. My husband helped me put the trim on the car but that was because I was leary of doing it by myself — silly me. The trim looks great on the car whether the top is up or down. I am so glad I bought the trim. Even when we took the hard top off this spring, the trim looked as shiny and as elegant as when we first put it on. I would recommend this product to anyone.
Thanks so much,”
Gail DeLong (6-26-07)

Thank you again. You and Shawn are definitely people that are “top of the list” types. Who knew our interest and love for the Thunderbird would lead such good people to find one another.

Take care, and we will be visiting more in 2011.

Jim Seymour 12-27-10

(By the way, the Black Rubber Splash Guards arrived…Aaron, thank you so much for making the special effort for me with these…can’t wait to put them on…they are just exactly what I wanted and will enhance the look of my Thunderbird and keep those rear fenders clean with all the road construction going on throughout the Tulsa area now and in the future.)


Well Scott you have opened up a door that has many questions and answers? Really.Back in the 40s- 50s& 60s/70s The reason that you looked for something to make your car ,stand out above all the others, was Pride.(Prestige) meaning satisfaction in one’s achievements(to be proud of).and of course that makes it of more value,and if some one was looking for something of that nature,then usually that extra touch of aroused desire and when you did that they got the feeling of wanting to own that thing? can you relate with that statement? so that sums it up in as few of words that I can dig up this early in the morning? I have always mingled in those issues all my life (from a young teenager to an old retired fart? )but that desire never dies in us (if we have it).Most of my life I have bought and sold many items of interest,I.e. Cars,Guns,musical instrument,electronic (real to real tape recorders,) and when I was interested in selling them I would make them interested to that individual that was (maybe) looking for one.That is where the term accessories? come into play? And when you have that creative (mechanical in my case Being a mechanical engineer) Mind which SOME people Do.(not all).And as you said in your e-mail, Beauty is in the hands of the possesser ? and if you are wanting to find a buyer then you have got to make it more attractive to them to get a taker? Right? and I think that you are on the right track, Always remember that a satisfied customer is that BEST way of advertisement in your business,An you have One here,I have just started to getting back in the show and tell of things,like Cars.etc. And I am plugging you wares,in your catalogs that I have run off to show customers,(and those Floor mat will be a big item when they get to see them,So hang in there and we will get the show going as they are scheduled, as drive buys and car shows,in week to come . Charlie. (8-6-09)

Aaron……You have Got To Be a Real Sweatheart!!!! You Love Thunderbirds, You Love Life & You Love Sharing the Thunderbird Hobby with as many people as possible PLUS You Love Making People Happy & I Love the way you Share Your Thunderbird Love & Enthusiasm All Over the World!!!!!

Thank you for your generosity & I would Love to personally meet you some day at a Thunderbird Event!!!

Keep on Thunderbirding Forever!!!

Marie Knipelberg
VTCI Sponsorship Co-ordinator
Convention Program Editor (7-6-09)

Thanks for the update, we’ll watch the Receiving door. Good service!
Paul 2-23-11

Aaron and Staff,

I received the 2011 Thunderbird Calendar and the Righteous Drive CD last week and I was blown away. You have really outdone yourself with the 2011 calendar. The pictures are outstanding. The songs, and quality of the CD, are fantastic. A big thumbs-up to Thunderbird Concepts from another satisfied customer……

-Lee from Bose Speakers

From: Aaron Scott []
Sent: Wednesday, February 23, 2011 11:29 AM
To: Lee
Subject: Re: Lee Miller’s Thunderbird Concepts Order CV99-18617

Hi Lee,
Thank you so much for the nice note! I’m very glad you liked the tbird goodies. It did take quite a bit of time and investment to get it going, but, as you can see, it was worth it!!!!
Happy Tbirding,

Ha… I just noticed your email address coming from Bose. I think hands down that Bose has the best quality product on the market in the speaker biz. So, for you to say this about the Tbird goodies, with your quality expectation being so high, it’s an honor, to say the least! Thank you Lee!

Thank you Aaron, I have been with Bose for almost twenty years and I have to agree, they do make great sounding products. Before Bose, I spent many years as a radio announcer and did a lot of voice-overs for documentaries and commercials. So I do know good quality sound when I hear it……

I appreciate your great support and prompt service. I recently purchased a soft boot for my 2002 Thunderbird. My wife and I installed easily and found that a divot repair tool is good for removing the boot without stressing the snaps on the boot or the car. We are a dual military couple and appreciate good service…you have certainly demonstrated that!
Redding and Susan Hobby


I am pleased at the way you present yourself and your company. As a business owner myself, I appreciate your customer service attitude. 5-2-11


I’m just new with the T-bird thing. You folks make it fun to own a bird with all the options that you have to improve the performance and status of the bird. This is the third item I have purchased and each time I find total satisfaction with the product.

Harry c. Walter 5-2-11


I wish all vendors on the web made buying a product as easy as you folks do!

Michael Knight 5-2-11


Aaron–Received premium trim kit and trunk mat–great products will install this afternoon as per your video. Thanks for the GREAT SERVICE, can’t wait for the boot cover to get here.

Ray Bergsten 5-2-11


Thank you for the splash guards! I have been looking for this enhancement ever since I bought my T-bird in 2002. I live on a dirt road so splash guards are a must. Thank you again for the great products & service!

Stephanie Stilson 5-2-11


I just want to let you know I enjoy your newsletter, and the stainless steel trim I recently bought really looks good. Attached is a photo of my T-bird right after I bought it a few months ago. This car really turns heads!
Jim Scott
Longview TX (9-15-10)

jim scott's tbird


Hi Aaron,
I’ve been away for a while and have tons of emails to catch up on. I want to thank you for sending the car cover.
It is most appreciated. I think you do a great marketing job with your company, and you have my vote for a well run operation.
Thanks, David Duncan Aug. 2010



Got the rear trunk rack yesterday. Love it!

The hat is an unexpected bonus. Everyone asks me where I got the “Hawaii
5-0 cap.”
I of course tell them it is actually a 50th anniversary Thunderbird cap.

–john 11-3-10

TOM FATOR (2-15-09)

Have an AWESOME holiday season and thanks for all you do!My family and friends are looking forward to the calendars! Thanks again Aaron and Shawn. Merry Ho-Ho’s!
Patte Luse’ “Fearless” 12-4-09


Thanks, Aaron—I was able to open this link with no problem—my wife is a real Alan Jackson fan, so we both enjoyed reading the various emails about the surprise T-Birds for his sisters, as well as the 1955 T-Bird story.
Looking forward to receiving my set of chrome wheel well guards from Thunderbird Concepts—will send pictures after installation.
Thanks again for taking the time from your busy schedule to help…
Ron Shady 9-15-10



Hello Aaron

Thank you again for your help and helpful concern in this matter. I belong to several Thunderbird sites and I will make sure all my fellow Tbirder’s are aware of your kindness and understanding that you showed to me.

Thanks again for all your help.
P.S. Thanks to Shawn also

Carol Snair
A very satisfied customer ( Now and in the Future)
February 4th, 2010

Keep up the good work. We need companies like yours for many years to come.Excellent products and reputation will take you anywhere.CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!
Frank G. Soto 12-2-09

Your passion for the Thunderbird, it’s image and heritage is inspiring. Your newsletters and website are a welcome joy.
Jerry Peeters 12-2-09


This is our first shopping experience with Thunderbird Concepts and, so far, it is a first class experience.Thanks! Charles and Diane Lampe 8-2-10

Thanks Aaron–I am so pleased with everything I’ve bought through Thunderbird Concepts. Joe Fuchs/Altadena, CA (5-26-09)

Aaron you operate a good business. AMERICA needs more business’ like yours thanks Larry (5-8-09)

Aaron Scott,

We received the trunk luggage rack yesterday. It looks great. The workmanship is the best I have seen. You out did your selves this time.

Scott & Angela Remy
2002 Thunderbird (2-14-09)


Your site works perfect. I’m a repeat customer, several time over. Keep up the great work…!

Donald Hunter 8-26-10


Thanks Aaron, I am always pleased to hear from you and your stories as I am now a complete Retro Junkie, we have been gone since the 8th to conference in Ontario and then to Huntington Lake for week and have 105 e mails stacked up as had no e mail access, we took our
Mazda MPV as too much to carry in Bird but I sure missed it and didn’t spot another one till on way home today and a black on black just out of Paso and here in Morro as we arrived a red with red hardtop so that is always exciting, I really enjoy talking with Shawn and ordering from him, You have a great organization and glad to be a client. Larry ( Note: I read your e mail first so that ought to make you feel good) (ok, well maybe second) 9-20-10


The wife and I drove our bronze metallic T-Bird to Galveston, TX for the Thanksgiving holiday. Man, did we get some head-turning as we drove down Seawall Blvd! One driver darn near ran into us trying to turn the corner and give us a thumbs up at the same time! Good thing he wasn’t on his cell phone, too!
The valets at the resort were tossing a coin to see who would go get the T-Bird for us. Never did see another T-Bird the whole 4-days we were there. Your great additions to the car sure help it stand out!
At 83 years, I’m still proud to be driving this T-Bird!
Looking forward to adding a luggage rack in the near future.
Larry Dilks
Lake Charles 12-1-11


Thanks for providing some cool gear for a cool car!

Michael J. Smith 9-20-10


Hi Aaron! I’m anxious to get all my new toys. Our T-Birds and your company combined, make my 2nd childhood more fun than the first! Are there any national or local clubs for the retro-T’s? Also, does anyone produce 1/18 scale diecast models of the retro (02-05) T-Birds. Talk to you later! Harry Cole in Phoenix 9-20-10


thanks for helping your customers

dave gundler 9-20-10


I keep telling you that you are good–well, I was wrong. You are VERY GOOD. I say that because you still appreciate customer loyalty by treating people as friends. That is the way to do it! Steph 12-6-10




Great website! Thank you for your input about the Falcon tires. It made for an easy decision. We were not impressed bt the Michelin tires that cam with out T-Bird.

Ms Shawn Aldous 8-26-10


Aaron, I have received and installed my trunk rack.

It is a beautiful piece of design and workmanship and I love the way it looks on my TBird.


The straps came as a bit of a disappointment. The need for these shouts the need for a “Mark II”, with legs and feet on the front of the rack. Anything that needs straps to fulfill its full function is obviously incomplete. Legs and feet on the front would also make it very easy to line up the rack properly.

If you decide to evolve the deisgn, please put me down for the Mark II.

Many thanks

Alex (2-15-09)

A POSITIVE RESPONSE FOR ALEX AND OTHER TBIRDER’S: Hi Alex, I have good news for you! You don’t have to use the safety straps when you are not carrying a load. I only recomend the Safety Straps for our liability only. I drove my Tbird around with a 65 pound bag strapped on to the rack and the trunk rack did not budge! It’s a solid piece and the clamp on racks hold it on very tight. We just have to reccomend the Safety Straps as a liability reason. I hope this helps!

Happy Tbirding, Aaron Scott



Aaron, I have purchased from your company only once since I just got my 2004 T-Bird Pacific Coast Roadster 2 weeks ago. I have had several conversations with Shawn and wanted you to know that he is a real asset to your company. He follows up, is knowledgeable and very helpful. Once I get my last order paid for, I will be back to buy more. Thanks for the good products and service. I have one request, have you looked at designing a nice metal logo-ed covered battery box for for the new T-Birds, I really don’t like the idea of the open battery in the trunk. I hope that my bird is complete and I am not missing the top on mine, I did have some other items that should have been in the car that were not present when the purchase was made. Please let me know thoughts on this. Harry Simmons 4-4-11


PS, I did receive the T Bird mats, they look great!

Mel 11-20-10


Hi Aaron,

Wow! Thank you so much… this is way better then expected! I am so impressed with your customer service. You have a customer for life! I look forward to ordering the brushed metal dash trim and tonneau cover for a spring project. Please feel free to include this testimonial on your website. Attached are pictures of my 2002 WITH 20,000 miles. Take care and have a great week!

Jeff, Indian Orchard, Massachusetts 11-22-10

jeff's thunderbird torch red



The mirror covers look fantastic and the air intake makes a HUGE difference in both sound and performance. My bird is almost completely configured the way I want her. I will keep checking in regularly about any new products that you decide to offer. I know the exhaust system is next on my wish list. The splash guards look great, and would be a wonderful fit for most any T-Bird. I think we are going to pass because the black color makes us go for the more sleek and streamlined look, but any other color and I would be first in line. Also I will be ordering a cover before winter since we park out doors. Thanks again.

Jack (6-1-09)

Thank you for your reply Guys,
Sorry I haven’t responded more quickly but I have been taking care of a sudden(?) central nervous system issue with my little dog Pansie (photo below). She was a Maltese/Miniature Long-haired Dachshund mix, and I had to release her to peace on Thursday. I’ve been just a bit of a mess. She came to me when I became very ill and has stayed by me every day since. So I have a big little empty spot that is just , well, empty.

I was very encouraged to hear that life is too short to be offended! That put a big ol’ smile on my face.

I feel like you Guys are not just purveyors of T-Bird Finery, I feel like you are friends.
Have a Thunder-Full Day your own selves!

Blessings to you both!
Patte 7-1-10

On Mon, Jun 21, 2010 at 3:27 PM, Aaron Scott <> wrote:
Hi Patte,
I have your package here in the office and it has a nice note from you written on the outside… thank you. We have it in the pile of all the returns and we usually do them all at once about once a week. I will make sure we process yours!
Thank you again and have a Thunder-ful day!
Aaron and Shawn

PS Always a pleasure talking with you and we are never offended!!!! Life is tooooo good 🙂

10-4 By the way Sean is a Great saleman. represents your firm well, stay in touch thanks for the follow-up. Roger (11-09-09)

I’m a returning customer. Very happy with how easy it is to do business with you. Thanks!
Robert DeRobertis (10-1-09)

Aaron, that sounds good. I spoke to Shawn earlier today about this issue and he was very courteous and most helpful. He told me that you all will send me a new boot from your new shipment and a return label for the defective boot that I currently have. I have already taken it off the car and repackaged it in the shipping box ready for returning to you when I receive the new boot. He was extremely helpful. You all are good people.

Thanks for terrific customer service.

Really looking forward to this piece to “finish” the look. So glad you are around for all of our needs to make our Thunderbirds our own.

Have a great evening. Jim (11-20-09)

Aaron, I think your site is perfect. I love your products, I love your service, I love your friendship..I LOVE Ford Thunderbirds!

-Kent Hale O’Daniel (11-20-09)

I installed the trunk rack this morning and it looks great. I took a couple of pictures as you requested.
As you can see the bird is still nesting and will be comming out on the next dry day. Roads still have a lot of sand and salt on them.
Marvin (2-15-09)

The trunk rack looks great. It is a definite keeper.
Greg M. (Washington 2-21-09)


Good morning, Aaron…what a great message to get from you. I really didn’t expect that this would become a reality when you said you didn’t carry that version any longer. I am very pleased and now very excited. You really know the art of customer service and how to keep your existing customer base coming back time and time again. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy purchasing items from you…the service, the added bonuses, the fast delivery and most of all, the personal attention you give each customer and order. You are definitely a professional with a heart!

Thank you for doing this for me. It means a lot. I know I must be a fussy customer regarding this item, but the chrome guards just were too much on my black Bird even with the chrome rocker moldings. I believe you understood why I wanted the all black with the chrome TBird logo at the bottom, and I appreciate it so much.

I hope you and your family, as well as your staff, have a wonderful and blessed holiday. I will be looking forward to receiving the guards as I know what you did to make this happen, and this repeat Thunderbird Concepts customer appreciates the extra “mile” you took to make it happen.

Jim Seymour 12-13-10


Hi Aaron. Happy to know that I’ll soon get the jacket. By the way, just today I put the hardtop back on my 03 Red-Bird and it is sitting on the new wider chrome strips all around. Just test drove to see how the noise was and am pleased to tell you that there is NONE! I bought this car late last winter with hardtop on and there was considerable sqeak, scrape, twist, etc. noises. Now the ride is as quiet as my2009 Buick Leserne. The lower noise level is just AMAZING!!
Orville Dash Nov. 1 2010


Just want you to know the luggage rack on my black Thunderbird looks great especially with the Dayton wire wheels.
DAVID (4-8-09)


Hi Aaron,

I wanted to thank you for the free Tbird hat that was offered -and received. I’m enjoying the luggage rack quite a bit; it looks nice on the car and is useful as well.

Richard Farber 2-18-11


Aaron, you are proof of the American dream come true. You spotted an Americana item in the Thunderbird, appreciated there was a following for it, and have built what I guess, to be an amazingly successful business off of that dream. Only in America!

Finally give the staff in the packaging department a fat Christmas bonus! In particular the luggage rack was perfectly packed in creative ways with bubble wrap I never quite saw before.

Regards to you and yours this holiday season.

John Henderson 12-1-10

I’ve found the top lift the most useful so far! Makes a two man job easy for one!
I’m considering the stainless trim around rear deck for protection and do away with the “tape” from Ford. Are you offering any Christmas specials on the kit?
Our T-Birds are special — a fellow today asked me what kind of car I was driving as I parked at the bank! He was carried away with the look! What’s nice is one doesn’t see a ‘Bird on every street corner!

Ron 12-2-10

Always a pleasure to do business with Thunderbird Concept,A1 in treating their customers.

Dolores Goodman 12-1-10

Hi, Aaron,

Thanks for the fast response, and the new set of top door trim. It’s a pleasure doing business with you. Stan 12-2-10

Thanks for offering interesting accessories for this fun, limited production car.
J. Packard

Thank you Aaron, yes the rack finally arrived here in Sierra City. We are having so much new snow, that my wonderful bird is having a break, and is not driven at the moment. So as soon as possible weather will allow, I will install the rack.
Thank you very much for making this important addition to my wonderful car.
Peter (2-15-09)

My rack arrived yesterday, anxious to see what it looks like on my Cashmere. When pulling it out of the box, I am glad I got it. It’s much nicer in person than the photos. Will only use it for travel, but when I do, I’m not going to worry about it, it’s going to serve a very useful purpose.
Bradford in Florida 2-26-09

I think your site and services are excellent. I appreciate the no-pressure approach, the gratitude expressed, and the product quality. Thank you!

Alan Sevison (3-30-09)



BOB 11-18-10


Hi Aaron! A while back I purchased your stainless splash guards with black rubber backing. I finally put them on and they are awesome! They really shine. One quick question though, is there a clear plastic protective coating for shipping that I need to remove? The instructions didn’t mention any, I couldn’t detect anything to remove, but installer thinks that it’s there. Thanks for your help and providing such great products.
Gene 11-18-10


Hello Aaron ,
I just received my mud flaps today, they’re beautiful, great quality as usual. Thank you and Shawn, its always a pleasure to do business with you.
Take care.

Dave 11-18-10


Aaron, Greetings.
I received my Thunderbird jacket last week in the mail and boy was I happy. The jacket was every bit what I expected. It was really nice, fit great, looked good on me in my red and black bird. I’m looking forward is some cool weather where I can wear it often.
Thanks again for the great promotion that you and your company put on for the coat.
Thanks again. Randall Carter, Sr (10-26-10)

Aaron…you are awesome…you are one of the VERY few companies that listens to their customers and is willing to pursue their suggestions. Keep up the great work!
Jim (12-16-09)


Aaron..we are very pleased with the items we have purchased for our T Bird.. LOVE the bling of chrome on our white with black. Christmas we purchased the dash cover, I am hoping this will help protect it and cut the windshield glare. This spring we are hoping to get a boot cover and trunk rack. and on and on, love the looks we are achieving with your products…Thanks the Penley’s
Doug and Maureen Penley 1-11-11


—–Original Message—–
From: Aaron Scott <aaronscott””@”>
Sent: Oct 27, 2010 4:45 PM
Subject: Re: Response

Hi Joyce,
Even thought the material is Stainless steel, it can acquire rust
spots. The good part is, you can wipe it off! Just use a stainless
steel cleaner or even dish soap and a soft scrub brush. If that does
not work, I’ll get you a new one.
Let me know? Thank you,


Thanks! I did as you advised and scrubbed the headlight covers and – viola! The rust spots are gone. I have purchased the head and tail light covers, the outside surround covers,the silver dash kit, whitewall tires, and a bunch of other stuff. My black thunderbird, with white hardtop, gets so many compliments. It’s actually become a conversation piece. My next purchase will be the hardtop protection kit. I will send you a photo of “MOMZBIRD” with my next e-mail. You guys are truly fabulous!, Joyce Blaine, Fayetteville,NC


Hi Aaron,
I rec’d my T-bird jacket yesterday.
It fits perfect and the embroidery is beautiful. 🙂
Hoping to take some photos tomorrow at the
THUNDERBIRD SPIRITS cruise in Apopka, Florida
and I will try and send you some photos from the event.
Thanks again,
Krissy Nyce 10-31-10

Email subject: Wow, even more Really Neat than expected!

Aaron: just flew in from Phoenix and package on the front door and got the jackets, My Large is just the right size and looks like I could play James Dean in Rebel without a Bird, which would be a real bummer. Susan not home, so not sure how her medium will fit. So, we will see.
Larry Burke 10-31-10



Thank you for all your efforts on making this Luggage Rack a reality. The workmanship and Quality, and Fit are unsurpassed. I am so very happy with the look it gives my Neiman Marcus. I did kind of a pictoral instalation over on TBN. But anyway, Once again you have solidified your place in the Retro Thunderbird Aftermarket world. This is my third Thunderbird, and ALL Three, have had additions by YOU.

Anyway, once again a BIG Thank You.

Attached are a few photo’s.

Dave Rice (2-15-09)



Thank You Aaron as a gift for myself, you were right. The Hard top lift is so nice.

Richard Konnen Sr. 4-711

Thanks for the info. I wish you continued success.
Now to bring you uptodate on the trunk rack we waited so long for. It fit perfectly. It looks great on the vehicle and I am certain that it is an asset . We will give it a try as soon as the weather permits. Back here in Indiana it is still winter. I have the hard top off the car and don’t know when I will put it back on. We do not drive the black bird in the winter. We have two birds. A red one, that is a 1964 convertible all original with 30000 miles and the black one which is a 2004 with 8000 miles. Keep up the excellent work and stay in touch.
George (3-5-09)

Aaron, The rack arrived today. Can’t wait till tomorrow to install it. It’s beautiful, nice job!!! Thanks, Dan (3-7-09)

Thanks for the note, be advised I no longer own a T-Bird. Thanks for your assistance when I did,
best service I’ve ever received.
Best Regards,
N-Haus (2-15-09)

Hi Aaron,
I received the rack on Tuesday but didn’t have a chance to open until Friday. Saturday we had a 8″ snow fall so clean up had to come first. Had time today to play and thought I’d send a few pictures. This is the first time “EarlyBird” (2002 VIN 1366) has been out of the garage for fresh air. I can’t wait for warm weather. I need 65 degrees or better for all of the new Bling to go on. I don’t think anyone has used the trunk rack for Christmas presents so I thought I would put my entry in for December 09. My son in law is a welder and he said the workmanship was very good. I’ll be ordering a few more items as time and cash permits.
Keep in touch, Richard Erdmann

You do a great job. We are a town of just 6500 and we are up to 8 T Birds in town! We all love your webiste. I got the luggage holder for my birthday and love it!

Shay Iacoponelli (8-18-10)



Thanks again for offering the greaat products!

David Cloer 11-10-10

Aaron 2/15/09

Thanks for the video. It was very helpful. I hope you leave the video up for a while. I may need to refer to it occasionally. I am always surprised at the length you will go to for customer satisfaction. Not many companies go to such length to please its customers. There is one other thing I would like to mention. In these difficult times in America, it is great to find a company that produces products made in America. Thanks.

Ed Clement

Aaron, you run an excellent company! Great job on everything! No improvements needed! It’s perfect!

Nite-Man 1-25-11


Thanks for your help in installing my hardtop lift. It works great and gets the top off the floor and taking up space. It is fun to do business with people who know what they are selling.