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The 2001 Thunderbird Concept Design

2002 Thunderbird Concept Car

Ford’s 2001 Ford Thunderbird Concept Vehicle with the Roadster Hard Tonneau

2001 Ford Thunderbird Concept Vehicle with Roadster Hard Tonneau

Picture here is the 2001 Ford Thunderbird Concept vehicle with the Hard Tonneau that Ford designed. Ford did not actually run this Hard Tonneau into production because there was no place for the Hard Tonneau to store. This is where we came in to design a Hard Tonneau that was functional yet stylish.

Hard Tonneau for Ford Thunderbird

Pictured here is the Two-Piece Roadster Tonneau that we designed and now sell here at Thunderbird Concepts

We conceptualized the design from a mixture of new and old vehicle hard roadster tonneau designs ranging from the original 1962 Ford Thunderbird all the way to the new Corvette, BMW, and Porsche hard roadster tonneau’s. We wanted a Two – Piece Roadster Hard Tonneau that would function simply yet compliment the new 2002 Ford Thunderbird’s elegant rounded contours. We did not want a Hard Roadster Tonneau that would take away from the beautiful Thunderbird design therefore creating an eye sore. We kept it simple with a clean design.

We are the 1st Two-Piece Roadster Tonneau design to hit the market. We first designed a one-piece Roadster Tonneau in November of 2001 with our old Thunderbird Body kit website called Then, in spring of 2002,the owner Aaron Scott, realized that there was a huge problem with our first one-piece Tonneau design; it did not fit in the trunk. He had learned this the hard way when he was caught out in a rain flash and had no where to put the one-piece Tonneau. He was drenched within 10 minutes and had to wait out the rain at a gas station. It was around February of 2003, that Aaron decided to come up with a better website, the one you see here, and added the two-piece Roadster Tonneau to the full line of Thunderbird Accessories you see here today.

After almost a year of research and development we managed to come up with a beautiful Hard Roadster Tonneau that not only was aesthetically pleasing to the eye but fit and stored in the trunk just in case you happened to get caught out in a rain storm with the top down. And to top that off, you don’t have to modify the Ford Thunderbird in any way to install it. We here at Thunderbird Concepts are very proud to be the innovators of this fine two-piece Tonneau!

Ford Thunderbird Hard Top Roadster Tonneau

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